State-Supervised Murder vs. Court-Ordered Sterilization

I started a thread in the Pit

about this story.

Here are the basics:

This is really sickening and tragic on several levels.
In the Pit, I casually mentioned that this case begs for court-ordered sterilization. Miller
Countered with

Which brings me to my point: Is Court-ordered Sterilization (deemed unconstitutional, date and Case
unknown by me) Really that bad a thing?
I’a not talking about eugenics or genocide here, Adolph and the Assholes have convinced the world of
the wrongness of that idea. I’m talking about mandatory sterilization for parents who murder their
own children.
Granted, Ms. Weston, Sharon Smith, et al will face years of confinement in prison, Which will effectively
eliminate the chance of them raising/murdering any more children, but who knows for sure that Ms.
Weston will not Be released from prison, after being effectively medicated through her mental illness,
Conceive again, go off her meds, etc.

So, should Parents who murder their own children be Sterilized?

Golly, you’re right! Given a string of highly improbable circumstances combining to produce an extraordinarily unlikely outcome, a child-murdering parent might have the chance to kill another child. Sounds like a good reason to start the mandatory sterilizations to me. :rolleyes:

I can go both ways on this one.

There are two places where I emotionally like the option.

[1] Parents who intentionally murder their children.

It’s a no-brainer to me.
[2] Sex offendors. Rapists, pedophiles, child molestors etc…

These people tend to get out of jail with more of a threat to repeat their crime than a parent who killed their own child.

I like the option of giving them the choice to stay in jail or consent to castration.

Now intellectually…

I just don’t trust the government not to abuse this power. I only see it being expanded to other cases once they get started with it. How long would it be before someone proposed sterilization as a requisite for welfare benefits? Immigration? College grants?
I don’t support the death penalty, I can’t support sterilization.

OK, yes, I know that you said you can’t support sterilization, but I’m responding to this part of your post anyway.

Castration wouldn’t doesn’t work as a deterrent. Removing somoene’s testicles doesn’t prevent them from getting an erection. It also won’t prevent them from touching a victim with other body parts or objects, and has no effect on women whatsoever. Since rape is not exclusively about sexual gratification, addressing only the sexual component of it won’t work.