Stately Doors Manor will never be the same....

Last night, after dinner at his Gramma’s house, Aaron took his first completely independent steps! He took three steps, lurched forward, and plopped himself into his Gramma’s lap. He’s done it again this morning. He’ll take a few steps, realize what he’s doing, lurch forward, then fall.

Heck, now that he’s walking and talking (he’s learned a few new words, like “bear” and he’s trying to say “flower”), it’s going to be fun trying to get him to sit down and shut up! :wink:

Hide the whiskey and the women, Margaret, Aaron’s coming!


And you’ll soon be contemplating how amazingly fast he can run.

I can see him now, hurtling down the street, saying, “Baby, baby!

Best wishes, Doors.

Uh oh Chongo!!!
Congrats. He’ll definitely keep you all in shape chasing after him.

Oh, dear, you’re in trouble now…


Old saying: When the baby starts to walk, momma starts to run! Still, it’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

I can just see him now, heading dripping and naked for the front door, when you turn your back on him just for a second after tub time.

Yup, there’s gonna be nothing ‘stately’ about the Doors mansion until Aaron grows up and moves out in a coupla decades.

Congrats, and good luck!

I read the thread title and thought, “He’s walking, isn’t he?” norine speaks sage words. Get you some brand new sneakers now, and consider it an investment.

And IMO, there just ain’t nothin’ funnier than a dripping, naked toddler streakin’ through the house, giggling for all they’re worth.

Enjoy, Robyn, and try to remember how much you delight in these first few steps now, when he’s “evading detention and custody” in a few months at dinner time. :slight_smile:

[sub]“Get back to the table and eat your dinner, young man. Hey! Get back here! Dave! Head him off at the pass!”[/sub]

My neighbor’s little boy just started walking. He just turned 1 in September and I guess he decided he had enough crawling. I love watching him walk, he looks like a drunken Zombie. He does the side-step all the time. Congrats on Aaron walking…get ready for all the “fun” times ahead.

I have to disagree, Skeezix. Funnier is watching the parent run after them trying to catch a very slippery baby, usually trying the “JohnMichaelThomasYouGetBackInTheTubThisInstant!” thing.

Time to get your tyke the T-shirt that says:

“If I’m quiet, come and find me real quick!”

Get a rope…


No, really, this is when it starts getting interesting. Use the rope on the fridge, the front door and anything you don’t want to have to find halfway across the house!

And fercrying out loud, VIDEOTAPE! He’s only going to go through this stage once and if you don’t get it all on tape, what are you going to show his girlfriend in twenty years?!

GMRyujin I’ll have to take your word for it. We caught a break on that score, in that ever since the Skeezling has been big enough to sit upright on her own (and, consequently, graduated from baths in the kitchen sink to actual “in the tub with toys” baths) our biggest problem is getting her out of the bloody thing.

She’ll stay in there 'till the water’s cold and her extremities are prunes.

And on the subject of learning new words…
Why is it that you have to work for three days on something like “toy” or “dinner” or “potty” but just let one person in the kid’s vicinity slip with the word “shit” just once and you’ll be hearing it in perfect english, and no mistake about what the word is, for weeks afterwards.

[sub]Next time the words payback, revenge, or the phrase “see what I put up with?” slip from my mother’s mouth, I swear I’m gonna duct tape her lips shut.[/sub]

Quick. Tie his shoelaces together. While you still have time.

You want a real answer? Probably cause they get a reaction. See, when they say “potty”, you go “Oh! That’s so good.” Whereas when they say “Shit!”, you probably go “What did you say?! Why, that’s a terrible word! Never say that word again!” and on and on…and if there’s one thing kids love, it’s driving their parents up the wall. One day it’s “Shit”, the next it’s pink hair and tattoos…