Steak Diane

Who (or what) is the Diane of Steak Diane?

Kitten, perhaps?

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Good question. One Web site claims:

If that is accurate, I suppose that “Diane” was the chef’s mistress.

I’d have guessed the “Diane” in question to be Diane de Poitiers, mistress of Henri II of France; that however, is merely a guess with nothing to back it up.

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i don’t know about steak diane, but my brother’s girlfriend’s name is Diane and she’s pretty cool so the steak must be good too.

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The thing that annoys the hell out of me about this is that the references I’ve seen regarding the origin of steak Diane is that they say where it originated, but neglect the obvious question. You would think that the authors of these references could just say, “I don’t know who the hell Diane is.”

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The late Princess Diane of England? I couldn’t resist.

Or was she Diana? How quickly I forget.

I make an awesome steak on my BBQ grill, teriyaki marinade, lots of seasoning, warmed but still bloody, I use a different recipe than the Diane of the steak fame and I really am not much of a chef. I have never been confused with her.

Now the Goddess Diana. . . . that’s a different story.


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i’m looking for the chicken alexander thread…

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so i noticed. i tried to explain myself with the first last-page thread i bumped (nunchakus.) i’m just trying to look for really interesting threads that got less than 10 replies.

…well, mac_bolan00 less than 10 replies would suggest the thread never made the grade for “really interesting”.

Not the first time around; and certainly not as an exhumed and dusty body.

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The mystery of who “Diane” was, in steak Diane, has been solved by Barry Popik.

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