Steaks for kids

When you buy steak at the grocery store for eating at home do you buy a cheaper cut for your kids? At what age do you stop?


Mine’s 20 and he tells me not to bother, he can’t tell the difference between a tbone and London broil.

My daughter is 7. I would never even think of giving her a lower grade steak then what I’m eating.

When I was growing up, if we ate steaks, we all ate the same kind of steaks. But I might offer younger children hamburger or something more “kid friendly” if I thought they might not enjoy steak. The problem is, if you give a cheaper cut of steak, it’s almost certainly going to be a tougher cut unless you cook it differently, so I can’t see why a child would like that better.

It’s not about the kids not liking the food it’s about the cost of the meat. My kids love anything I make them, as opposed to my wife. I hesitate because I want to be sure I don’t ruin their pallet for when they grow up.

The kids ate more if I stuck with boneless lean meat. They preferred chicken and I made a lot more of that when they were growing up.

If they’ll like the cheaper steaks, then go for it. I wouldn’t worry about ruining their palates.

The only time we make something different for the kids is when we have a curry.

What does “ruin their palate” even mean? That they might end up preferring cheaper things than they’d otherwise prefer?

Is there a steak cheaper than strip? :smiley: That’s about as extravagant as I get at home.

I don’t buy expensive steaks for home. It’s just not worth it. For literally a couple of dollars more, I can buy it in a mid-level steak house with fixings and a person who will cook it how I like it better than I can. (I like black and blue, or as I like to call it, “a tragic branding accident”. It’s hard to do on a home range; it just doesn’t have the BTUs to get the outside charred without cooking the inside.)

When my kids were small, they got a little bit of my steak and a little bit of their other parental unit’s steak. When they got larger, they could order what they wanted off the menu, within reason (no one in my family is ordering the surf and turf unless they’re paying for it.) My son really loved mac and cheese and steamed broccoli, so if that was an option (and it is, at more restaurants than you’d think), he’d order that instead of steak. My daughter developed a habit of ordering a couple of appetizers as her dinner, as apps are more frequently gluten free than entrees; even though she eats gluten now, the habit persists.

The opposite in my family… my kids would only want Filet when growing up. I’m perfectly happy with a Rib eye, NY strip, or many others. It could be argued which is the “lesser” cut, but if price is what you are going by then the kids got the “better” steaks.

We all get sirloin or I make a big London broil. I always wondered who bought all that overpriced meat. Anything nicer than sirloin I buy in bulk and cut myself.

This is second-hand, but apparently Erma Bombeck, famous 70-80’s domestic humor author, wrote that the biggest lie she told her kids was that steak was bad for children.

I don’t know at what age my own son would actually choose a steak over something more child-like, but if we serve it to him and he doesn’t take to it, I’d be happy to finish it for him.

Steak is a time honored tardition in my house. Every friday my son and I go to the store and we each pick out our own steaks. I tend to go back and foth between ribeye and NY strip, while my son prefers a more varied choice: Ribeye,strip, sirloin, London broil and Texas broil.

I generally only cook fillet, and that’s what the kid gets (the 11 yo, the 3 yo gets fish fingers or chicken nuggets, she “don’t eat steak!!!”)

The closest we’ve come to that in my family was with lamb ribs: Mom doesn’t like them with the rib itself, we saw those as an excuse to eat with our fingers (nowadays we’re old and don’t need excuses). But even that was just a matter of choosing different pieces of what’s actually the same cut.

My parents would have steak and we kids would get burgers. I always thought that was unfair so when I had kids they ate/eat what we eat. We don’t eat steak that often but that’s more of a dietary choice.

I will often make food with separate ‘child friendly entrees’ if the main dish is not their favorite (this also allows the use of more spices), but not to give them a cheaper cut, but because their tastes and expectations are different. If I’m making a special (expensive) dish, such as prime rib roast, I am making a high end meal, a ‘treat’ and they also need that experience to join in the treat, so I will make them what they consider a ‘treat’ meal, I will let them know (if practical) what we are having and let them choose what they would want, sometimes they will chose what the rest of us are having, sometimes they will chose something else, but even with that they are always offered a portion of the main meal.

I had no idea people give their kids cheaper food than they eat themselves. I understand it if it’s about food preference; eg. kid prefers burgers to steaks. But simply due to cost? Doesn’t seem right.

Hell, with just the two of us I still buy a family pack of excellent steak and cook them up for us, the dogs, and leftovers for sandwhiches the next day.

When my kids were young they were treated at least as well as the dogs.