Will someone please explain to my children....

…that the crunchy burnt bits are the best part of a steak grilled outdoors over very hot coals?

I fixed a bunch of beautiful sirloin filets this evening, with seared outsides and insides that were reddish-pink and juicy, and both my kids sawed off the luscious flavorful outer part and just ate the succulent inner meat.

Kids. I swear.

Hmm. Well, I don’t eat cows, sheep or chicken - but I know what you’re saying. My kids won’t eat bread crusts or apple/potato skins, which are the best parts!

Sorry, man! :smiley: I’m sure you’ll get some carnivore responses!

Disclaimer: my 6 & 8 year old boys eat whatever they want, including animals. They will make that decision on their own when they are much older.

Hey, if they dont want their crunchy bits, that’s THEIR problem. In the GMRyujin Kitchen, those are known as “Flavor Crystals”.

[Monty Python]

“Don’t you even take the bones out???”

“If we took the bones out it wouldn’t be crunchy, would it?!??”

[/Monty Python]

Gee, I’m not a father yet, but the way I see it, it’s just more steak for Dad. If they’re eating adequately to maintain their health, then who cares what their taste is in meat? Heck, it’d tempt me to char the steaks even more next time.

They’ll learn eventually how to appreciate a proper steak. Kids’ tastes are different from adults’.

My grandfather used to raise his own beef and cut huge steaks with one-inch thick white fatty rinds on each one. Now as an adult male, I know that the fat on a steak is the tastiest part, but to a child, this is the height of oogie.

My grandfather forced his daughters to eat every bit of that white, gristly fat.

And I know the way 6-year olds are. They probably ate all of the lean meat, and left just the fat. Then grandpa noticed, and told them they had to eat the fat, too. They the girls cried, ate one piece of fat, cried more until the fat was stone cold, ate one more piece at their father’s demand, and eventually went to bed without dessert because they would not eat any more fat.

Bet they wanted ketchup on 'em too. I say they eat escargot for the rest of the week!

At least you got 'em to eat steak. My son will eat beef only if it’s a grilled cheese sandwich.

Hey, just ask for the burnt pieces they don’t want.

I have no comment on the meat, being a vegetarian, but just remember: Whatever your kids learn to eat at 8 or 10 is what they’ll eat TONS of when they’re 12 to 18. Get 'em hooked on the cheap stuff, they’ll appreciate the good things in life when they grow up.

[parent to 6 kids, 4 of whom are teen-agers]

I have to commend you on being a veggie like me, but:

SIX kiddos? Oh, my. :wink:

We’re talking mac & cheese, right? :smiley:

My twin sons (nine years old next Sunday) have learned from their mother that anything too well cooked is horrible. I doubt whether either of them has ever actually tasted blackened toast or crispy steak, but they won’t eat it.

I don’t remember having such an aversion to well cooked food, but I’m not concerned. I’m sure they’ll grow out of it.

Perhaps the kids read this.

Ah, but I marinaded the steak in teriyaki sauce.

So there.

Besides, I’m of the school of opinion that says you’re going to die of something eventually, so if you don’t overdo anything, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of life and not substantially increase your risks.

Besides, carcinogens are known flavor-enhancers. :wink:

From the article linked above:

What the article doesn’t mention is the follow-up to all that hubbub. I found this link from a vegetarian website that indicates the risk is quite low. I also contend that as we humans have been eating cooked meat for a very long time we have actually evolved a bit of an immunity to these particular carcinogens.

Oops! I forgot, this is MPSIMS, not GQ … sorry about the cite!


Oh YEAH!! Don’t you just hate it when you spend hours and many dollars on some wonderful gourmet meal and the little scroats go and pour ketchup (tomato sauce here in Aus) all over it?

Kids are such philistines sometimes.

wow. They are still around? I thought they would have been drummed out of business for quackery long ago. Do they still have the creepy skinny guy as their spokesperson? IIRC, He had an equally creepy looking wife. What were their names again? Dirk or something like that?