Steaming Lobster: Give 'em the shiv beforehand?

I hope to surprise my girlfriend tonight with some steamed lobsters. It’s my first time trying this (if it doesn’t work out we have some delicious Lean Cuisines to microwave!) and as I’m looking through recipes on the internet, it seems like half say to just put the lobster in the pot and the other half tell me to slice and dice him before he gets put in.

What’s the best way? Is the purpose of slicing it through the head just to kill it before putting it in the steamer, or does it also enhance the end-result and flavor?

It’s much easier to just put them into the steam rather than giving them the shiv. I have no idea whether or not this changes the flavor as I’ve never actually stabbed a lobster before. I stabbed a giant crab on a rather Mysterious Island once but never a lobster.


Through them in the pot and listen. It’s fun it’s easy and it scares some children and animal lovers in a way a mercy stabbing just can’t.