Steorn and... Hanso?

I have seen speculations before that the whole Steorn thing is part of “The Lost Experience.” I can see how this suggests itself. For example, Steorn is all about magnetically generated power, which could have something to do with the Lost magnet. The timing is interesting. Also, the whole Steorn thing just “feels” like the kind of thing the people behind The Lost Experience might do, down to the ad in The Economist.

But I found that someone had dug up six year old copies of old Steorn webpages, which seemed to put to rest the idea that the company’s a fake one created for Lost.

But just tonight, I thought of something. Steorn used to do “ecommerce.” I guess that means at least part of what it did involved doing publicity for others via the internet.

So the Lost people didn’t create them, but hired them.

That’s my theory. The end.


To talk to myself a little longer:

Steorn’s CEO was on Cavuto last night. This may be evidence against the Steorn/Lost connection. I take it that if one network’s show had someone get an interview on another network’s show on false pretenses, especially if its for a purpose that adds up to advertising for that first network’s show, then the second network would be pretty angry and would probably have grounds for legal action.

But is that correct?


Steorn have hired a PR company themselves - Citigate Dewe Rogerson. Is there any connection between CDR and the Lost Experience?

Of course, back in the early naughties in Ireland everybody was doing eCommerce. If this company is genuine, as it appears to be, and is really allowing itself to be a front for a stunt, it’d be its ruination when the spoof was revealed.

Mind you, their current claims might be the ruination anyway…

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