Step right up and fight some ignorance!

We once had a thread called something like “Pretend this OP contained a question you really feel like providing the answer to,” and we had a huge thread full of answers to questions that hadn’t been asked.

Yes, it does equal 1.
No, a duck’s quack does echo, just like all other sounds.

Possibly funny idea that will inevitably end up in silly poop jokes for $500 please.


What you’re discribing is a conversation with my husband! :smiley:

  1. Eagerness is expressed by champing, not chomping, at the bit.

  2. The idea is that a fish doesn’t need a bicycle – get it?

  3. Because an optimist gets only unpleasant surprises, a pessimist nothing but good ones.

  4. Always saute the aromatic vegetables and meat before adding stock.


No, it’s not ironic… it’s a coincidence.

Yes. And he has been since August 16 of 1977.

Yes, it’s a fruit alright, but I don’t know why people obsess over it specifically; plenty of ‘vegetables’ are actually fruits; zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins, french beans, okra, capsicums etc are all fruits too, but people only ever ask about tomatoes.

Blue. Wait! No. Red.

No, scalar weapons are not for real.

Glad we got that sorted quickly.

Please take woodchuck questions to the Usenet Oracle


No, it wouldn’t make any sound, and that kind of maneuvering would be impossible anyway.



Actually the computer language was named after Ada, who assisted Charles Babbage with his calculating device. She also happened to be the daughter of Lord Byron.

(Bit of trivia that for some reason is stuck prominantly in my brain, but nobody has ever asked me the question so I could use it)

The only one who really knows what it means is the guy who wrote it, and he ain’t saying.

Well, it’s only slightly discolored (sort of a purplish-greenish), but it does itch a whole lot. I guess I could maybe make a trip to the ER…

Nobody hoes a road. It’s “a tough row to hoe,” from gardening in clay soil.

Some folks do “ho” a street corner, but that’s illegal, and we can’t advocate that.

Tony Burrows, after appearing as the lead singer for three different bands on the same show.

Sure, that’s what the Bushies would have you believe. If there really was a tape showing John Kerry dancing the macarena al fresco with a Mekhong salamander surely we would have seen a copy on E-bay already!