Step right up and read my manager's mind!

Submitted for perusal:

  1. My car broke down last Friday night at around 9:30 or so. I had NFC what the problem was (but that’s not really important). Got the thing towed by around midnight, got home by around 1 or so.

  2. My job is to deliver pizzas. I use a car. If I have no car, it is much more difficult to GET to work and … well, let’s just say it is not possible to do my job without a car, since I am not about to walk three miles to deliver pizza.

So then: I call my manager the next day and tell him the problem is a busted fuel pump. He tells me not to worry and all that jazz. I tell him it should be ready by Monday, but that I don’t know anything for sure. I assume that he has not assigned me any shifts during the week since at that point I do not have a way to work, and as such I cannot.

I get a call not 20 minutes ago that I am late for my shift.

Now, let’s review:

  1. I have given no indication to my employer that my car is once again able to be driven (I was planning on going in tomorrow to fill out my schedule request for the next week). As such, my manager has effectively scheduled a driver knowing that he does not have a working car (he did this on Sunday, when my car was waiting to be fixed).

  2. When he scheduled me, I did not have a car to operate. There could have been any number of further problems necessitating a week or two in the shop, at which point I would be SOL.

Would someone care to explain to me exactly where the logic is in scheduling someone for work when they have no way of doing their job? I don’t exactly have a back-up car or anything.

[sub]Those of you who know me well enough might be wondering why I didn’t just use the family big honking suburban. Good reason: my parents wouldn’t let me, and I don’t blame 'em one bit.[/sub]

What - you don’t have rollerbalades?

I can’t speak for Clueless-er I mean Bossman, but you’d think at some point he’d *ask[i/] you if you had an alternate vehicle available to you, no? Sounds like that’s what he assumed.

Get some roller blades.

And beat him over the head with them.

Know what I’d consider? I’d get a ride, show up at work and go ask the manager for his keys to his personal car. Obviously you don’t have a car to do your job, so maybe you can use his during your shift. At least that might teach him to THINK for two minutes before randomly scheduling people for work.

You are inviting me to read your manager’s (or any manager’s) mind? Can’t do it, sorry.

Why not? Because I haven’t got a magnifying glass, that’s why not.

In future, iampunha, just assume immense stupidity on your manager’s part right off the bat. Never leave anything, no matter how obvious, open to interpretation.

What I wanna know is where’s my fuckin’ hot bubblin’ pizza? It’s been two hours since I smoked that last bongload and I’m v-e-r-y h-u-n-g-r-y.

Your manager is a manager of pizza. You expect too much from him. I’m reading his mind right now: he’s in the cooler punching down the dough for a quick yeast-huffing rush as we speak. He wants to diddle the phone girl.


On Saturday you told him that you thought

He called you the next Thursday.

Is it completely unreasonable for him to assume that since you didn’t call on Monday to tell him that the car still wasn’t fixed, your car was indeed fixed as you had predicted and you were therefore available for work?

I thought about that, Kamandi, but an intelligent and responsible manager would call to make sure.

When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME.

…d&r… :smiley:

In my opinion, it’s iampunha who’s the ass in this situation. He told his boss he thought the car would be ready on Monday. Therefore, he would be available to work on Thursday. It was iampunha’s responsibility to tell his boss that the situation had changed. iampunha isn’t the only non-mindreader here.

pun, I think it would have behooved you to call earlier in the week with an update, and to let them know you weren’t able to work. Managers will generally assume unless told otherwise that their employees will be available to work on the days they usually work. The estimate you gave for the car being fixed was several days ago, so it wasn’t completely unreasonable for him to put you on the schedule for the end of the week. Don’t you think you would have been more pissed if your car had gotten fixed and you weren’t on the schedule and thus denied an opportunity to make money?

Well, d’uh! You’re supposed to beam the pizzas there by magic.

I have to try that sometime.

Hey, who doesn’t? Mmmmmmmmm, the phone girl…

I see it as your fault, not your manager’s.

You told him you will be out Monday (minimum). It’s your duty to inform your manager if you will be out longer than that. It is not his to call you up and see if you can work. He can’t read your mind either.

If you call in sick for Monday, should he assume you won’t be there Tuesday because you might still be sick? No, the assumption is you will be there unless you explicitly state otherwise. Same situation. Unless you call to say otherwise, the only days, per your post, that you said you would be unavailable were the weekend and Monday.

Clarification: I called this past Saturday (the day after I had to leave work early because my car pooped out). I got a call yesterday (Thursday). My manager scheduled me on Sunday for a time slot neither of us knew if I’d be able to make. Nor did he mention, when I called him, “Oh, by the way, I’ve scheduled you to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday”. I would have told him, had he said that, something to the effect of “Don’t count your chickens before they’re out of the shop, dude.”

Hang on…wait a second…I’m getting a message…

Ah. It’s so simple now.

Your manager wants you to go in to the shop and pick up a large, hand-tossed pepperoni and extra cheese pizza. Then, you should steal his car and drive out to Missouri, where we will eat the pizza and then do naked things.

Really. That’s what he said. Like Sylvia Browne and John Edwards, I can’t control these communications. I am only the vessel.

Well, John Edwards is telling me the pizza’s going to be damn cold when it gets here.

Are the naked things exclusionary?

Procedure:[ol][li] Find a drum of dough which has risen dramatically over the top, but hasn’t begun to slump over the sides.[] Face the drum, legs spread slightly, weight distributed evenly, about 18 inches from the drum.[] In one swift motion, bend at the waist, punch your fist into the dough’s center mass up to your armpit, and quickly withdraw it.[] Thrust your head into the hole you’ve created.[]Inhale deeply.[] Hold for 30 seconds. [] Use the edge of the drum to steady yourself if necessary.[/ol][/li]
There’s a lot of spare time in between dropping off the drinks and serving the pizza. Sometimes I was all out of pot, and the whipped cream cans were tapped out.

::tapping foot::

Where is my pizza?

You told him the car would likely be ready on Monday. As far as he was concerned, he knew you would be able to make the Thursday shift.

By your own admission, he hadn’t made the schedule until the day after you spoke to him.

Is Thursday your regular shift? Because if it isn’t, even if your car wasn’t busted, how were you supposed to know to work on Thursday? Do you work a consistent schedule, or are you supposed to call the manager on Sunday or Monday to find out your schedule for that week?