Stephen Baldwin/OSU/Pentagon sending "Left Behind" videogames to U.S. troops in Iraq

Story here:

:eek: We didn’t have enough trouble with bin Laden calling Westerners “Crusaders”?! What made the boys at the Pentagon think it was a good idea to give official backing to a program where U.S. troops stationed in a hostile Muslim country can play at “killing or converting” non-Christians?! And where they get points for offing UN troops?!

Earlier Pit thread on the Left Behind game.

Absolutely first rate parody, BG! Really had me going, not ashamed to admit it, but that name? Operation Straight Up? C’mon!

Ah Stephen Baldwin. How we miss your Threesome days, when you’d frolic naked and encourage men to grab your ass on film. It’s always so sad when the somewhat-more-than-marginally-attractive find Jeebus and transform into total douchebags.

What better way to unwind during a war than to play a game about war? It must be absolutely cathartic. :rolleyes:

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.


A rabid Penn State fan who thought that this was going to be about Ohio State University football.


Oh, that OSU certainly bites it, no question, though not as much as the one north of Heaven, in Oklahoma…

It surprisingly is.

That’s awful.

Those games suck major ass.

Not Stephen Baldwin…I’ll never be able to enjoy Half Baked again.

Or The Usual Suspects which is an equally good movie.

From George Orwell’s 1944 essay, “Raffles and Miss Blandish”:

Well, there were five dozen more who could have read it, but they were “left behind” for not being “straight up” enough.

Pity they don’t leave the games behind and send Stephen Baldwin over there. One way.



Great, Jesus gets the ugly/stupid/loser Baldwin. Did someone release a loser-grade version of the Great Commission? Bring all your losers unto Me, that they may make a mockery of My Life.

Great, Pentagon, make a loud statement that you think that your service people are stupid, lack good taste in video games, and desire severely damaged theological products.

It’s an odd thing, when the the tards/damaged/stoners/alkies/addicts/losers replace their old damage/addiction(s) with Jesus™. I won’t really be offended until the Pentagon admits $cientologist “Chaplains” into the ranks. I can see it now, combat-grade “touch assists.”

Get thee behind me, Thetan!


I knew it wouldn’t be long. We are many, we are loyal, and we tend to at least make it to championship games. Can’t win 'em all, but we do tend to win most of 'em.

Isn’t it “international incident” illegal to proselytize in officially Islamic countries?

Go Miami.

Its a misdemeanor. They just chop off your dick and shove it up your ass. Then probation.

I wish a large meteor would land on ALL the Baldwin brothers. Meh.