Stephen Curry is a moon landing denier

Fucking moron. Believe what you want, but this is a guy who is supposed to be a role model for kids and ought to keep his crackpot conspiracy bullshit to himself. Fuck you, Curry.

Never heard of him, so I guess I don’t believe in him.

He’s definitely a moron, but why is a guy that throws a ball through a hoop supposed to be a role model for my kids?

It’s not the “throwing a ball through a hoop” part. It’s the “celebrity that is well rounded, grounded, and not a jerk” part. Like it or not, kids look up to sports figures. Fact of life. Having one that doesn’t beat his wife, or murder people, is a good thing. Being a moon hoaxer distracts from that.

I’m sure kids look up to sports figures. Doesn’t explain why they should. In any event, looks like he’s just another moron.

At least if he was a football player, it could be excused as the sad results of too many blows to the noggin.

According to the article its not just him, but also two other players on the same podcast, which suggests this belief might be fairly endemic in the NBA.

Its taking longer than we thought.

At least Kyrie Irving stepped back some from his flat-earth-conspiracy remarks.

“I do research on both sides,” Irving said at the time. “I’m not against anyone that thinks the Earth is round. I’m not against anyone that thinks it’s flat. I just love hearing the debate.”

I love the tell-both-sides argument.

Is it really “research on both sides” if one side is the scientific community and the other side is random pages on the Internet?

He isn’t a role model because of his theories. He is a role model because he is a study in human determination and perseverance. Kind of like how you are a role model because of neither. Achieve more.

I think that moon landing conspiracy theories are going to continue to spread and gain traction until America puts more astronauts on the moon. I’ve encountered a number of moon landing denialists and I am convinced that one of the things that drives them is the fact that we “supposedly” put men on the moon 40 years ago yet we haven’t been able to ever do it again. It’s not a very logically sound argument, but it’s rooted in emotion, not logic. If we had a handful of astronauts landing on the moon every year, in the present day, I think you’d see the moon denialist bullshit drop WAY down.

I really like Curry the basketball player - he got me excited about the NBA again after years of not caring. I like Curry as the generally good-natured, fan-friendly face of the GSW franchise. I like Curry the socially aware Trump non-fan. And I like Curry the gender-inclusive doting father of two daughters, with his girl’s basketball camp.

But jeez - what a moron* :p.

  • Okay, ignorant as hell - probably not actually stupid.

Well, as the Wizard told the Scarecrow, “I can’t give you any brains, but I can give you a diploma.”

NBA contract optional.

yes. we apparently decided that bullshit has to be given equal time/weight to facts.

There’s a GunShot Wound franchise? :eek:

Curry’s denialism is particularly sad because he wasn’t one of those one-and-done guys who was never really in college. He went to Davidson, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country, for three years.

Wow, it’s even worse than thought…from the OP-linked article - there were four NBA players in the talk show/interview (Curry included,) and ***all four ***opined that the Moon landings did not happen.

They changed their name to the “Wizards”.

Yes! First their logo invoked violence. Even the two arms raised in the air for the “ll” in Bullets looked like someone being robbed at gunpoint.

Steph said he was just joking, and he plans on taking up NASA on their offer.