Stephen King interview

Fans of Stephen King, there’s a good interview with him in the online UK Telegraph at

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I can’t agree with him that Lisey’s Story is his best book, but I can understand why he might feel that way. I can’t be objective about something I’ve made until enough time has passed for me to regard it as if it were someone else’s work. It was interesting to see what led him to write it, though.

Very interesting (and I didn’t have to register either).

I am not a huge fan, and have only read one of his books, but seen quite a few of the films based off of his books.

However, I could swear I read a few years ago, either shortly before or after his accident, that King said he was NOT going to write any more books. I remember this as I thought at his age it was a bit premature to say something like that, plus I thought it odd that someone who had written so many books would just stop.

Am I hallucinating, or did Stephen King once announce he wasn’t going to write any more books?

At one point I do believe that he said he was going to retire after the Dark Tower series was done. That turned into just not publishing as much stuff. Why? I have no idea. I believe that the reason given when he did publish was that he retired from having to publish. Instead of having to publish a book every X number of years he would just publish when he felt he had something good.