Sterotypes bug me

Lee Travino is a famous golfer. He is Mexican. When he won his first tournament, he and his wife bought a new house in an upscale neighborhood. One day Lee was mowing his lawn and a woman came up to him and said, “What fine job you are doing on this lawn, could you do our lawn also”. Lee said “Sure, you can have the same arrangement I have with this woman. She lets me sleep with her”

I wonder if she took him up on it?

Lee is one cool dude! You know he’s been struck by lightning several times? He and Chi Chi are among the most colorful golfers I know of.

Excellent line for Lee! Nice thread, too.

Later I may want to wax eloquent on the whole notion of stereotypes. I have a spiel I’m used to by now.

That’s a very, very old joke, way predating Lee Trevino—I heard it told about a wealthy Asian in California in the 1920s (no, I didn’t hear it in the 1920s, I heard that it was being told then).

It was so digustingly hot and humid last time I mowed, I would have slept with some mexican dude if he would’ve mowed it for me.

Trevino is also not Mexican. He was born and raised in Dallas and served in the Marine Corps.

Posting every bit of glurge that passes through one’s Inbox bugs me.

Those crazy wetbacks! Always with the funny jokes!

Okay. This isn’t gonna go anywhere worthwhile.

And courtesy of Jeff Olsen: