Steve Allen—and other hot-off-the-presses deaths

Just heard from a friend that Steve Allen’s just died.

Thought I’d also update y’all on some less-known show-biz folks I’ve found kicked off in the past few weeks (you already know about Gwen Verdon and Julie London, right?):

• Ann Doran (actress since the 1930s, best known as James Dean’s Mom in “Rebel”)

• Gloria Talbot (1950s glamour gal, best known for having “Married a Monster from Outer Space”)

• Raul Roulien (cute 1930s actor)

• Jean Peters (Mrs. Howard Hughes, appeared with Marilyn in “Niagara”)

—Eve, the Queen of the Dead

My condolences to Jayne Meadows.

He was a real genius. Books, TV, Stage.

Dammit. First Dr. Seuss, then Shel Silverstein, and now him. All my childhood poets are going away.

And only a week away from hearing his ode to the next inaugurant.

It gives new meaning to the verse:

Ain’t no time to wonder why —
Whoopie! We’re all gonna die!

(Yes, yes, I know it’s Country Joe and the Fish)

Aw, hell.
Enjoy that great talk show in the sky, Steve.

Anyone else love ‘Meeting of Minds’ as much as I did?

We rented it on video, for heaven’s sake. More than once.

God rest his soul. Another little light goes out in the world.

Dr. Seuss is GONE?!? :frowning:

:shuffles away dejectedly:

the passing of an amazing talent… we’re richer for his life…

No, I didn’t know about Julie London. Steve Allen, too?

Darn. He was a funny guy.

I don’t know about y’all, but I seriously miss Tattoo…

How is Mr. Rourke gonna know when the plane arrives? :frowning:

Tatoo! Now that little bastard was funny!

Steve Allen? Psshht!

Where have you been? Dr. Seuss died ten years ago. I remember, cuz I was in 3rd grade at the time.

I’m not really familiar with Steve Allen as a comedian or songwriter. Too young, I guess.

Otherwise my feelings about him are split. His work with CSICOP against pseudoscience and charlatanism was an effort to make Cecil proud.

Unfortunately, his work against “trash entertainment” was at times to virulent that it was enough to put an arrhythmia in my first-amendment-loving heart.

Either way, its too bad.

As for all the other people Eve mentioned, I’ve never heard of any of them.

Too wrapped up in my quest for higher education to hear about stuff like this, apparently.

“to virulent” should have read “so vehement”.

Ack! Sorry, pepperlandgirl, I just realised how pompous my last post sounds.

[revised statement] I was in school and working at the same time, and was too tired at the end of the day to pay attention to the news.[/revised statement]

Speaking of too tired, I think it’s time to go home…

Now who are are the hack comedians gonna steal material from?

How did Krusty’s line go? “If this isn’t Steve Allen, quit stealing my bit!”

As for songwriter, though, he stretched the partial success of one song past the breaking point.

Shodan, I didn’t realize there IS a video of “Meeting of Minds” Which episode was it, or were there several on the tape? My favorite was the one with Martin Luther and Voltaire. The actor who played Luther was the same guy who played General Burkhalter in “Hogan’s Heroes” NOW I have to go video hunting.

It’s amazing how many famous people can die without my knowing about it. Here is a list of famous people who have died this year. I didn’t know about actors Larry Linville (of MAS*H), and Richard Mulligan (of Soap) and cooking expert Craig Claiborn.