Steve and Kate, 10/4/01!

Got a call from Steve last night. We chit-chatted about this and that, then he said, “In other news, the knot has been tied.” I wasn’t sure he meant what I thought he meant, since he has a habit of changing cliches by a word or a syllable to mean something quite different, but I went ahead and said, “You got married?..WHAAAT?!

Yes, they did! They went to the Beverly Hills courthouse, oo la la, filled out the necessary forms, and that is that! He says the couple ahead of them were planning a twelve-hour honeymoon, before the groom had to report for duty. Steve is not in the service, but they’re apparently part of the “times are so uncertain” wave, so they decided to do it Thursday. It had to be Thursday, for a number of reasons.

And a good thing, too: they didn’t know what was going to happen Saturday/Sunday, but luckily his mom and brother got back to Buffalo before that. It was a courthouse wedding because, although neither is practicing, he’s Catholic and she’s LDS. They wanted to avoid “Well, you’ll have a full Mass, right?” and “When shall we reserve the temple? He’ll have to have instruction first, yanno!” In her words, “Everyone was offended equally.”.

So now they can tell their children-if-any, “Yes, it was three days before the Afghanistan War,” or whatever the ages will call it.


Errr Rilch? This might have more meaning to those of us so out of the loop we don’t know RL names :slight_smile: if you use board names. Congratulations to them regardless.

Unless I hate them.

Which is unlikely.

Oh, I am so sorry. These are people I know IRL only. If they were board people, someone else would have known; there are no secrets on SDMB!