Steve Jobs has cancer

Steve Jobs had surgery for pancreatic cancer over the weekend.
Apparently, its the islet cells that are effected, not as serious as the adenocarcinoma that most patients get.

Man, I hope that guy will be all right. He’s been one of my heros for years. Hell of a smart guy and a real innovator. Always tries for great products with user ease in mind. All of us here owe him a debt. Those of us who would have managed to be here (if there was even a here at all) would be clumsily and uninterestingly interacting with our computers via a command-line interface…and probably DOS, at that.

A slight nitpik: the thread title is a little misleading. He’s had surgery and refers to himself as having had cancer (past tense). He says it was caught in time. Hopefully, it was and he will recover fully.

Sounds like he is going to be fine. Doesn’t require chemotherapy or radiation.

I’m glad to hear that he’s going to be (knock on wood) okay.

I wonder what kind of health-care plan he gets at work? I bet it includes dental.

Until he has 6 month-5 year follow-ups and remains tumor free, he isn’t truely considered “cured.”
I hope he’s right. My Mac does too. :slight_smile:

Didn’t he ever hear the old wive’s tale about an apple a day?