Steve Jobs has just 6 weeks to live? (according to reports)


This would be a huge loss for Apple, no doubt their stock would take a hit if it turns out to be true. Whilst i’m not a big Apple fan you can’t deny that he has had a great influence on the technology market and has perhaps forced other manufacturers to ‘up their game’ in order to compete, particularly in the mobile phone market.

Here’s hoping it isn’t true!

There’s already a joke: his coffin will be shiny black, slim, and will be dropped repeatedly if AT&T carries it.


That is entirely inappropriate!



I get it. Nevermind…

I didn’t click the link; is that the story that says that a doctor, who isn’t an oncologist, who doesn’t treat him or know him or know what he is being treated, for says he probably only has six weeks to live based on photographs of him looking skinny?

I feel ripped off. My doctor makes me attend in person and have tests done before he makes pronouncements about my state of health.

Yeah, diagnosis by photograph, by a guy who has never examined Steve Jobs. :rolleyes:

Hence the (according to reports) note in the subject. I wasn’t reporting it as solid news, just that it was rumoured. I hope it isn’t true but pancreatic cancer sure is one mean sumbitch and he doesn’t look well in those photos at all (yet in the picture of him at the White House dinner he looks much better).

Here are the photos from the Enquirer. Kinda hard to tell if it’s even him.

Meanwhile, FWIW, Jobs definitely attended a dinner with President Obama and a number of other tech leaders last night. Nobody’s saying nothin’ about whether he looked really awful or not.

Think they’ll play “New Soul” at his funeral?

Veracity of the story aside, Apple stock is down over 2%.

I believe the former Senator Bill Frist has the expertise to evaluate Mr. Jobs at-a-distance.

Seriously, though, the man’s been through a lot and probably looked this bad before. He might be on death’s door, he might not.

They better hurry and get that iBequeath app out.

But yeh, you never know. It’s not hard to see the man’s been shaking hands with death ever since his pancreas cancer diagnosis. I really hope he gets through this.

Luckily, the kind of pancreatic cancer he has is different and less aggressive than the most common type that has such a terrible prognosis. If he had the common kind of pancreatic cancer he’d likely already be dead.
Having a liver transplant and being on immunosuppressant drugs might be enough to make someone look and feel less than their best on its own without meaning he’s dying. I certainly hope for the best for the guy.

Although I’m not the first with a Frist crack, I seem to recall that a Republican doctor can determine by video that a woman in a vegetative state is mentally alert enough to be nominated by the Republicans to run for President.