Steve Jobs Reincarnated as an Angel

Story here. An almost Jim Jones-like offshoot Buddhist cult here in Thailand claims that Steve Jobs “has been reincarnated as a mid-level angel dwelling not far from his Apple office in a parallel world … Jobs is living in a big heavenly palace, the height of a six-storey building, made of white, silver metal and crystal glass, located not far from where he worked when he was alive. He has 20 servants as a result of his worldly virtue.”

Well, that’s good to know. The actual Dhammakaya article is here but unfortunately all in Thai.

The wife’s two sisters actually follow this cult, one of them being especially devout. There have been problems over the years with followers signing over all property to the temple, and while my mother-in-law was alive, she lived in constant fear that one or both of my sisters-in-law would do just that. As with many Chinese-Thai merchant families, the family properties are divvied up among the members, mainly as some sort of tax dodge I think. The especially devout one could have done a lot of damage that way, but fortunately she never did that.

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