Steve Jobs was adopted and his biological father is Syrian

Mundane, pointless but interesting factoid via Wikipedia

Does this prove the apple really did fall far from the family tree?

Good one!!!

And Jobs’ sister is an ‘Appel’ too?

The biological father must empathize with Abraham Simpson (after he finds out about Homer’s half-brother, auto tycoon Herb Powell): “I kept the wrong one!”

That’s an interesting factoid. Hopefully his birthparents were pleased to find out about the opportunities he ended up having in life to excel, thanks to their decision.

No dude, Excel was Bill Gates not Steve Jobs.

I don’t know how accurate the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley was, but in that Steve Jobs fathered an out-of-wedlock daughter that he refused to legally or publicly acknowledge or pay support for, but at the same time named the Lisa computer for her. (He later acknowledged her.) He was generally portrayed as an asshole to the tenth power in the movie. I wonder if any of this is the result of his own issues over being adopted.