Steven Seagal: Lawman (in real life AND on TV)

SFGate article: ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman’ full of possibilities

Wow, good for him. Maybe he should have been in Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant instead of Nic Cage!

Interesting. I wonder if my parents ever encountered Officer Seagal; they lived in Jefferson Parish until the mid-'90s.

Think he breaks driver’s necks at traffic stops?

I’ll have to remember to watch and see if I recognize anything. Hard to believe Ro-Bear’s sno-ball stand is still there.

Next thing you know, Seagal will reveal that he was a chef in New Orleans.

I saw ads for this show last night. Color me surprised.

I also note that SS is looking pretty puffy these days. Though, I still wouldn’t dare sayin’ that to his face. :stuck_out_tongue:

i remember seeing him ride by with a group of law enforcement people after katrina. the look on anderson cooper’s face as he watched the truck go past was priceless.

Looks like they’re covering the opposite side of the river for now, mainly around Marrero. Maybe they’ll eventually show him covering the Mardi Gras parade route in Metairie, then I could recognize something other than bridges and the Westbank Expressway.

Anyone know why he chose that particular locale? Is he from there or something? I’m sure its a great place and everything, but it just seems so random. :confused:

Sometime during the hour, he mentioned that it chose him. Seems the Jefferson Parish sheriff approached him to train some of new officers and liked him so much that he was asked to join the team.

Oh so cheesy and terrible. I couldn’t stop watching. :slight_smile:

I would be pissed off I I got arrested by some actor grandstanding for a camera. I think there’s a conflict between what the camera wants for exciting TV, and what a policeman should be trying to accomplish which is as little excitement as possible.

Bad actors, bad actors
Whatcha gonna do…?

I started the thread expecting/hoping that it might generate some funny Seagal comments, but I think his motivations are good. He’s been on the force for many years without any media attention, and says he hopes that the show helps to attract new recruits. The reality-TV aspect is worthy of criticism I suppose–just another paycheck for a C-list actor.

I wonder how the citizens of the parish feel about him serving their community?

Good for him. Maybe I’ll stop giggling now every time I see his name. I’m happy for him that he’s done something constructive and fulfilling with his post-movie life.

Maybe he was a saucier in San Antone.

I wanted to watch but it wasn’t on until 11 here and I couldn’t hang. Also, it was opposite Top Chef; so I’d have probably been flipping between the two.

What post-movie life? :wink:

He briefly owned (or, at least, lent his name to) a restaurant here in Chicago in the early 1990s. It wasn’t in a good location for foot traffic (about a block west of the Merchandise Mart), and I don’t think it lasted six months.

After reading this review, i think i’m going to have to give this show a go. It looks hysterical.