Stick a fork in me, 'cause I'm done! Yay!

I’m graduating today! Woohoo! Finally, after lotsa hard work, some laughs and some tears, and some last-minute grappling with the dissertation office, I get to walk down the aisle & get my degree!

At last, I’ll be able to:
[li]take a vacation[/li][li]earn a real salary[/li][li]get on with the work I love to do[/li][/ul]
It’s a wonderful day!


Well, let me be the very first to give you a hearty and well earned Congratulations!

You’ve made it ! And your parents and all of us here at the SDMB couldn’t be prouder.

Though you didn’t mention what your degree is in, I’m certain that in the near future you will be contributing to the reduction of green house gases, ending world hunger, bringing peace to the middle East and, of course, restoring our faith in the American family. Whew, just in time too.

Seriously, congrats!

Thank you, thank you!

elbows, LOL, one thing at a time! BTW, my degree is in geology, with a specialization in paleoclimatology - so I won’t be solving the greenhouse problem, but rather trying to figure out what made the earth’s climate change in the past so that we can understand how it might change in the future. I really love what I do - it’s like a treasure hunt and logic puzzle wrapped into one.

Yup, mom & dad are proud - but with mom being a bit old-fashioned, I think she’d like me to focus next on the American family thing (“I can’t believe have only ONE grandchild…”) :wink:


big congrats! my best friend became a Hydrogeologist. Loved rocks, loved water. loves his job. good luck on the job, and enjoy what the Real World has to offer you now.
and thanx for making the planet a better place to live. :slight_smile:

First, I’ll help inflate the ballon a bit. Congratulations fillet, all your hard work to date will pay off some day.

Now, I’m gonna burst that bubble.

Which one of your pie-in-the-sky, head-in-the-clouds instructors has given you these crazy ideas?

I graduated college last May ('99). I have yet to:

take a vacation

earn a fake, nominal salary, let alone a real one

and get on with the aspect of my career that I most want to do.

But…I graduate from my (unpaid)internship program next Thursday! Then…once I find a job…I will get a paycheck, a vacation, and (maybe) be able to do the work I want to do.

Congratulations to you!