I'm done. Finally.

My 14-year quest to learn absolutely nothing is finally over. Today I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Tomorrow I start looking for a job commensurate with the degree I now have, but for today I’m content to celebrate.


I hear the State of Illinois is hiring.

You do all that learning nothing to gain a badge. My badge is ‘BSc Software Engineering’.

Employees look at your CV and say “This one has a degree. Hire him”


Fourteen years of studying and they finally tell you the secret: it’s really more of an art than a science.

Many many congrats, it must be really hard to earn a degree when real life events like heading to a war zone keep getting in the way!

What have you got planned? Climbing the greasy pole or civilian life?

I too earned a BS in political science in 1998, after having dropped out for the first time 18 years before.

My job now has absolutely nothing to do with my degree. I have a great deal of trouble imagining and jog I would apply for requiring that degree. OTOH, there are many jobs I’m looking at that do require SOME sort of bachelor’s or higher degree, and as degrees go Poli Sci was pretty easy.

So as I’m scheduled to be laid off in June, maybe this degree thing will turn out to be worth it.

Gratz man!

I too have a BS in Poli Sci. And a BS in History. Naturally, I work in sales. :smiley:

Congrats, Airman. Anything in particular you want to do with the degree, or is it just grab anything related that comes along for now, and figure it out later?

Congratulations. You may find as time goes on that you’ve learned more than you thought (but less than you wanted).

Congrats! Now it’s time to spend 7 years in grad shool!

This is wonderful news! Congratulations!

Good luck.

Well done!

You’re going to breed parrots, right?

Good on ya! I started my quest in 1965 and finally finished it in 1980 with a BA in Totally Useless Shite. But you know what? Nobody cares what your degree is in unless you’re trying to become a teacher or an engineer or some such. What matters to most employers is the fact that you persevered and had the discipline to finish. I’ve never used my degree in a professional capacity, but have held top management positions because it exists.


(Well…I studied political sciences and never had any use for it except for posting on the Straight Dope, but hopefully, you’ll fare better than me)

Congratulations! Now you can be a chef! (That’s what my wife did with her BA in PS, anyway :D.)

But seriously, a degree is not something you earn just to get a job. Congrats.


One of my degrees is in political science.

Not sure what type of job you’re looking for, but I know the brokerage industry hires people with liberal arts degrees.

Learn the Phrase, You want fries with that?

KIDDING!!! old engineer joke.


SFW congratulations