Still Alive and Kicking

Hi all, just a short note to say that I am still around (though I don’t get much chance to look at the boards).

I don’t get many chances to look at the boards at my brother’s house, just can check my mail every once in a while (so if you feel like writing, just drop me a note either at, or…I’ll try and write back)

Ended up filing bankruptcy (ch 13), because my soon to be ex wife just can’t pay the bills (even though I was giving her just about all my paycheck). So now she still ended up screwing me in the divorce(was supposed to be a no-fault divorce), because I end up paying for her van anyways, I’m hoping to be able to talk her into lowering the child support.

Still looking for an eligible female out there, have one picked out over here, but she dosen’t want to get into any romantic situations right now (I guess rosey will have to do her magic for a little longer, unless any of you dopers can help me out. lol)

All you keep in touch, I’ll check in when I can!!!


It’s so good to hear from you my friend. I’m glad you’re doing well. Too bad we don’t get to chat much these days. That’s too bad about the dating situation there. What is wrong with those women in Michigan??? :eek:

A perfectly good, handsome, sexy guy like you, having to resort to Rosey! :frowning: That’s just not right!
Talk to you again soon, I hope. Be well my friend.

Thank you for the reply Purplebear, at least someone cares enough to reply to my post.

And thank you for the compliment blush, I guess if I can make you blush, you can do the same to me.

Talk with you later.