Still Bleeding Kansas

There has been a movement at the univerity level to become more active in the anti-creationist discussions. I’ve seen a couple of the discussion points as they go travel around via email. The following came via the same source and wasn’t something I’d expected - a desire to balance some of the negative response recieved by the Kansas Board of Ed.

What’s your response to this?
>I just talked to an office worker at the Kansas State Board
>office. They are being overwhelmed by hate mail, phone calls, and email and they are not getting ANY positive response to the State Board of Education Decision
>yesterday. Please take a minute to send department staff and/or the State Board members a positive, job well done message. If they do not hear from us, the other side will us these numbers and messages to claim that the public is with them.
> Also, from the personal level - It is very hard on the
>education department staff to receive message after message that accuses them of being baby killers and much worse. Many of us who have been involved in this fight have experienced this as well and we know that it wears on you. Kansas needs to hear the good stuff that was accomplished yesterday.

> Please be VERY gracious in all your messages. This battle is not over anywhere in the country and we have to build for the future. More is a stake then and it is not worth the quick emotional high of being a bad winner and we do not need to shoot ourselves in the foot by being ungracious winners. Thanks for your support and help.
>Steven B. Case
>KU Center for Science Education
>KanCRN Collaborative Research Network
>Joseph R. Pearson Hall
>1122 West Campus Road, Room 702A
>Lawrence, KS 66045-3101
>FAX 785-864-4149
>Here it is:
>Kansas Department of Education
>KSDE Contact Information
>The Kansas State Department of Education’s main office is located at:
>120 SE 10th Avenue
>Topeka, KS 66612-1182
>Phone Number: (785) 296-3201
>FAX Number: (785) 296-7933
>Kansas State Board of Education
>State Board of Education Members;
>Mrs. Janet Waugh - Vice Chairman
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 1
>2540 S. 59th
>Kansas City, KS 66106
>(913) 375-1535 (h)
>(913) 287-4004 (fax)
> <>
>Mr. Bruce Wyatt
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 6
>4401 W. State Street Rd.
>Salina, KS 67401
>(785) 823-2806 (h)
>(785) 825-4385 (fax)
> <>
>Mrs. Sue Gamble
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 2
>17724 W. 67th
>Shawnee Mission, KS 66217
>(913) 631-8663 (h)
>(913) 631-8155 (fax)
> <>
>Mr. Harold L. Voth (VOTED AGAINST)
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 7
>104 South Salina
>Haven, KS 67543
>(316) 465-3301 (h)
>(316) 465-3608 (fax)
> <>
>Mr. John W. Bacon (VOTED AGAINST)
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 3
>15831 West 136th Street
>Olathe, KS 66062
>(913) 829-4213 (h)
>same as home phone (fax)
> <>
>Ms. Carol Rupe
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 8
>1110 N. Cypress Court
>Wichita, KS 67206
>(316) 636-5436 (h)
>(316) 973-5173 (fax)
> <>
>Dr. Bill Wagnon
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 4
>1606 SW Boswell
>Topeka, KS 66604
>(785) 235-5881 (h)
>(785) 231-1084 (fax)
> <>
>Mrs. Val DeFever-Legislative Coordinator
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 9
>P.O. Box 644
>Independence, KS 67301
>(316) 331-3363 (h)
>(316)-331-5103 (fax)
> <>
>Mr. Sonny I.B. Rundell - Chairman
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 5
>P O Box 813-401 Gardner
>Syracuse, KS 67878
>(316) 384-7732 (h)
>(316) 384-7595 (fax)
> <>
>Dr. Steve E. Abrams (VOTED AGAINST)
>Kansas State Board of Education - DISTRICT 10
>6964 W. 252nd Road
>Arkansas City, KS 67005
>(316) 442-7960 (h)
>(316) 442-8803 (fax also a ph)
>e-mail: <>----------
>For questions about membership
>on this list, please contact
> .


Sounds like a great way to crash there servers or otherwise contribute to their problems. But then I view everything cynically.

Jois quoted a mailing-list message as saying:

Which decision of the State Board of Education is this referring to? (Maybe I’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years. Humor me.)

They reversed last year’s decision to remove evolution from the state educational standards. They kind of had to, considering that the people in charge of the KS Board of Education when the decision was made got buried in opposition ballots in November, and won’t be returning to those positions in the foreseeable future.

Incidentally, since they’re featuring the Kansas decision on their homepage, I can’t possibly recommend the Capitol Steps enough. Ever.