Still don't understand how to make a tag link to a site

Hello, my name is beckwall and I am computer impaired.

Anyway, I need specific instructions on how everyone seems to accomplish this - instead of a www. address in their post, it may say something like “click here” or
“nightmare”, the words are in blue and underlined and all you do is click and then are taken to the site directly. I don’t even know what this action is called, but I hope my description is clear enough to get a response. I want to add a site to my signature that says “becklife”, so people can read my xanga site.

Gah. If I said I had a metal plate in my head, would you take pity on me and not mock me for such silly ignorance?

You don’t have to have a plate in your head for us to mock you, accessories are not required. :slight_smile:

But here’s the coding sequence (substitute straight brackets for curly ones)


In other words,

{url=}The Straight Dope Front Page{/url}


The Straight Dope Front Page

Make sense?


Or, if you don’t want to code it by hand, click on the “globe” icon at the top of the edit box. You will get a dialog box asking for the text you want to appear, then another one where you can paste the link to the web site.

Bolding mine.
Change edit to the reply box and it’ll make more sense.

When you’re in the reply text window there is a small globe with a paper clip under it. Click on that and you should see a window that says, “Script Prompt”.
Enter the wording of your choice and hit enter. A new window will appear with the wording, “enter the URL”.
So, in the first window you will write Straightdope (for example) and in the second window you will type htp:// (for ex.) to make the blue highlighted text read as Straightdope

Like so:

**[**url=“”]The Straight Dope


The Straight Dope

A paper clip! That’s what that thing is! It always looked like two links of a chain to me. I thought it meant “link” or something. Learn new things every day.

If you’re ever unsure how to pull off a nifty bit of coding that someone’s done in a post, click on “Reply” and it’ll display the coding complete with all its guts and entrails: that’s how I learnt.

I’m pretty sure it *is *a chain (to symbolize “link”). Pretty standard icon for linking, where the paperclip is a standard icon for attachments.

I believe you are correct. The chain link symbol is for URL inserts and the paper clip symbol is used for attaching files to e-mail and such.

Which means it’s completely incomprehensible to someone who doesn’t speak english, thus completely removing the one advantage of icons.