Still playing?!

The sports version of the Still Alive??? thread.

Who are you surprised is still playing?

I just found out a week or so ago that Jaromir Jagr is still playing.

I had no idea until yesterday that Vince Carter was still playing.

Charles Woodson is really hanging in there.
This is not necessarily just about still-active players, nor just players who are really old (for athletes). It could just be a player you thought was finished, but turns out they’re still playing, e.g. for years I thought Gus Frerotte was long retired but he kept popping up each season with a different team.

Who have you seen, read about, or heard about that made you think, “Wow, that guy is still playing?!”

Matt Hasselbeck - not only still playing at 40, but starting at QB for the injured Andrew Luck.

His last season as a regular was 2011; the last time he even started a game (before this year) was 2012.

I couldn’t believe when LaTroy Hawkins was traded to Toronto. I had no idea he was still around, but I think he did retire after the season.

Didn’t realize Matt Hasselbeck was still in the league backing up Luck, either, until he was forced to play.

74 year old Morgan Shepherd started 20 races in NASCAR’s Xfinity series this year, as a “start and parker”