Stimulus checks

To update: my stimulus deposit appeared in my usual banking account this morning (as ‘pending’), so apparently the IRS is indeed still sending some of the money out as direct deposits.

I got my check on 4/7, Thank you one and all.

Not mine, unfortunately, and I’m starting to get a little concerned.

I just got mine today…4/7

I got mine yesterday–11 days after the IRS said it had been mailed. I guess that’s not too bad, considering everything.

Has anyone who got their check in the mail and has USPS informed delivery (where they email pictures of your mail) seen this? Normally, it’s a picture of each piece of mail. For the stimulus check, the picture overlaid this text over my name and address.

Valued Citizen

[bolding mine[

#000000000 is GOSSN (God’s Own Social Security Number). Jesus is #000000001 and Ronald Reagan is #000000002

I have a couple ideas that may or may not help you.

  1. I think it’s confusing that there are two different IRS sites with which to check the status of your stimulus payments.

Get My Payment is only about the status of the “third Economic Impact Payment” which I presume is the $1400 payment created most recently.

Where’s My Refund? is the general place to find out where you tax refund is. I think it’s confusing that both of these payments are conflated with the IRS and for two different reasons (AFAICT). This is the site I go to the find the status of my 2nd, $600 payment (which I still have not received).

Also, on the Where’s My Refund site you have to enter the exact refund amount you claimed you were due as well as filing status and your SSN). I presume this is used as a security feature just like mother’s maiden name.

The IRS is wrapped up with the $600 payment I guess because whether you receive it or not depends on your tax status. But I’ve no idea why the info for the $1400 payment goes through the IRS.

Does that mean Trump’s is 666666666? :wink:

Probably because they’re the only Federal entity that has a name and address for darn near everybody, knows their family size, and has bank account details for many. Plus is used to issuing millions of payments on rather short notice.

Obviously SSA is similarly situated for the folks who are already receiving SS / SSDI / etc. But that’s far less than all Americans.

Now that I’ve thought about it a little more: it could be the IRS because a person’s adjusted income determines the fraction of the $1400 they get. Or something like that.