Stimulus checks question

We’re having a very hard financial patch right now, well to be honest since late last year. Just this week two of my payment checks came in about 2 to 3 days after I was expecting them causing my bank to charge me hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees as things that were scheduled came in. Apparently I can’t turn off overdraft protection on business accounts?

Either way, I’m in dire straights, literally running out of food, negative balance in the bank right now and my next payment not scheduled to come in for another week or more, and possibly might not cover the negative balance if I get hit with any further over draft fees (each one is $36 dolalrs, and I have several for like $4 fees from work related stuff).

I really need the stimulus money to make ends meet. What is a realistic time frame when we can expect them?

What can I expect as a couple making way lower than 75K last year with a 6yo?

I closed my non business bank account last year and my tax return for last year was attached to that account, will they try to send money into that old bank account, or will they send me check?

Thanks! It’s hard to find any solid info on this.

As of right now, two people with one kid, you can expect $2900 (total). That could, of course, change. As for the timeline, I’d WAG we’re looking at at least a month, plus or minus two weeks depending on if you have direct deposit vs getting the check mailed and whether or not they split it up into two smaller payments.
And that assumes that everything goes through smoothly.


No help in the short term for sure though :frowning:

Call your bank. They will work with you on those fees. I’m 98% sure they will. Good luck. (((Hugs)))

Exactly. Two months ago, they’d laugh at you. Now, they really don’t want to be on the local news. Or,
If it’s a big bank, they don’t want it going viral on Twitter

I believe the reporting as of this morning is that checks should be out by end of three weeks time.

Watch out for this sort of trickery: Florida man warning others after getting fake coronavirus stimulus check in mail.

The recently updated FAQ kind of addresses some of your questions. Basically, it’s in the works. I am also wondering what will happen to people whose situations have changed since their last tax return - say they got divorced, had a kid, a kid who was listed on the previous return is no longer eligible, that sort of thing.

That’s gonna be all over the place. As will Spam claiming X Y or Z financial offer is part of it.

That’s what happened with me. My daughter gets claimed on my taxes every other year (and my ex’s the opposite years). I didn’t claim her for 2019, if I hadn’t already done my taxes, they’d use the 2018 taxes and I’d get the extra $500, but as it stands, I won’t (I assume).
I don’t have a good answer and I know they’re trying to do this quickly, but the only thing I can think of is if they did a two year look back and averaged all these variables. So, in my case, my ex and I would each get $250 of the $500.

Luckily, as nice as the $500 would be, I’m certainly not going to go hungry without it. I’m interested to see what happens, but I’m in no position to complain about not getting it.

I am not sure what your living situation is, but in New Jersey, no one can be evicted for nonpayment of rent during this crisis and there is a 90 day grace period on mortgage payments. Also any late fees have to be waved and your credit cannot be negatively impacted. So if you pay rent or a mortgage, you can postpone that expense.

If you’ve already filed your 2019 form, then that’s the baseline for them; if not, then they’ll use data from 2018 (but depending on situation, there may be trouble, ie you filed joint return in 2018, IRS goes by that, but then ex filed single return for 2019, now you’re overpaid)

Jeebus, really messed up. What do the scammers get out of it though?

That’s super helpful to know. Thank you!

Yeah today I"m dedicating to calling comcast, pseg, my landlord and my bank, to see what we can do. I simply can’t afford to pay more than a token amount this month and if I don’t get those bank fees back, I’m going to have to ask my mom to drive down to help us with food.

Call the bank FIRST see if those charges can be dropped. Makes the other stuff easier, if you at least know that part for certain.

Hey, keep us posted! Betcha other Dopers have similar situations.

In that specific case, the term ‘scam’ is being used pretty loosely. It’s an ad to get you to come down to a car dealership. I’m sure the bank tellers are quickly getting annoyed with explaining this to multiple people every day.

It appears to be really ill-conceived advertising for a car dealership.

It’s an advertisement. These types of government check look-alike advertisements for car dealerships are very common in Florida.

NETA: They’re like the fake Publisher’s Clearing House checks. They’re intended to catch your eye and ensure you don’t just throw away the envelope with the rest of the spam and junk mail. These things must work, since companies have been doing it for decades.

You would think there’d be some regulations to keep advertising from using tactics like this.

Update: Comcast won’t shut off internet until May, but wont wave late fees, Still waiting on the bank, PSEG also won’t cu off services until May.

Oh my god just hear back form my bank they’re refunding the fees! I’m almost crying, so happy. Thanks guys! We can go get food today :slight_smile: