Stinkfactor - Definitely SDMB Material

These guys should so be dopers.

What would you do for $75.00?

If you are referring to the “milk” challenge, that’s not new. It was on some television show a while back. I remember all of my friends idiotically going out and wasting gallons of milk.

Incidently I did challenge then to eat a full size jar of Mayo. I had one taker, who only got a fourth of the way down. He vomited quite nastily.
I got it on tape-it’s great at parties! (I don’t have him actually puking, just 30 minutes of him trying to get the mayo down…)

They did it on Jackass. It was fairly impressive. One of them, a girl who’s name I can’t remember, managed to get a whole gallon down while the two guys puked theirs up before finishing. Of course, she couldn’t keep it down.

I hope the militant vegans (or SPCA) don’t use that as an example of how we aren’t meant to drink milk. The cinnamon challenge demonstrates nicely that too much of anything is a bad thing.