Stock owned by various mutual funds

Anyone have any tips on tracking down which mutual funds own a specific stock?

On Yahoo Finance, and probably on similar web sites, you can see who the major holders of a given stock are. Example here. This info includes the major mutual fund holders.

I think that just tells you, for example, that Vanguard Group owns 96,547,688 million shares of Johnson & Johnson. It doesn’t tell you which specific fund within Vanguard holds those shares.

I seem to recall that the Morningstar site would give you the major holdings for a given mutual fund. I used to cherry pick stocks that way. Otherwise, the prospectus for the fund will certainly tell you.

Major holdings are reported to the SEC but are not necessarily current and may be up to 90 days out of date. The SEC will also allow companies to delay filing of the paperwork if the information becoming public could adversely impact their investment strategy (e.g. Warren Buffet received just such an exemption within the last 3 months IIRC)

It list major direct owners, top institutional holders, and top mutual fund holders.