Stocking Stuffers for women....need answer fast

My wife and I decided we aren’t going to exchange gifts this year for Christmas. We will probably get one combined gift for both of us after the Holidaze are over. Most likely a vacation trip or some such.
She thought that it might be fun to exchange stockings for each other and fill one for each of the dogs.
I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for stocking her stocking, besides socks, undies , and candy.
I would love to have some suggestions from women as to what they would like to get in their stocking. And from men with things they are giving their spouses…
Merry Christmas

A nice picture frame, maybe with a photo of the both of you?

Nail polish (check her stash for the brand - women can be particular about “their” brand of nail polish).

A nice, but not expensive, necklace or set of earrings. See Target for some fun yet affordable stuff.

If she’s anything like me, a new pair of gloves. She can only find the lefts on the 824 pairs she already has. :smack:

Bath/body stuff. Lotion, scrubs, masks, etc. Your best bet here is to go with sample or single use sizes if you don’t know what she likes. Walgreens and CVS have some good cheap ones, Ulta or The Body Shop is slightly higher end.

Maybe a pedicure kit, with a note attached inviting her to make an “appointment” with you for a pedicure?

Same as above, but on a bottle of massage oil?
And at least some of that “candy” is chocolate, right?

And, if this is the kind of thing that would make her smile, how about a box of crayons and a coloring book? Gotta be Crayola, nothing else smells so much like childhood. :smiley:

Makeup brushes.
Gift cards to Body Shop / Bath and Body Works, Starbucks, etc.
Lip balm.
Fancy bath soap / shampoo / conditioner.
Nice pair of earrings / necklace.
Scarf and/or gloves.
Special Christmas ornament.
Packets of hot chocolate.
Box of nice tea.
Fancy chocolates.
Nail file / nail clippers / tweezers (good ones - Sally Hanson or some sort).
Clear nail polish.
Jar of her face moisturizer.
Smelly candle.
Love note from you.
Ponytail holders / hair clips / headbands.
A book.
Address book.
Nice pen.

An assortment of tea lights (tiny candles) so she can sample a variety of scents. An ornament that is fancier than she would buy, or that evokes a favorite place or special memory. Individual sizes of flavored coffee, cocoa or tea. One or two gorgeous truffles. Fun Christmas socks. A wacky, extravagant–but still useful–kitchen gadget. Think fancy versions of things you know she likes, in sample sizes.

If you go to The Bay or something similar (Macy’s in the US, likely), go to Clinique or M.A.C. or something and ask what holiday promotion they have. Usually there is something going on like, if you spend $30+, you get a makeup bag with a bunch of sample sizes of really good stuff. That would be a good stash for a stocking too, and cheaper then buying it all separately.

Diamond earrings.

I write from experience. :smiley:

From the time my sister and I were preteens to well into our 20s, my mom would put things in our stockings like a new hairbrush and ponytail holders, pretty barrettes (there are some nice grownup looking clips that are metal with faux gems and such, have a nice lady in the store help you). Just all the little toiletries that we girls lose or use up throughout the year. And then at the very tippy top, poking out, she would have some sort of cute little potted plant, like a Christmas cactus.

Don’t forget the dollar store - I love silly little trinkets from there. A couple of years ago I bought myself a little lipstick holder with four little colours of lipstick in it for a buck - it’s not good lipstick, but just fun.

Don’t forget to put an orange in the toe of the stocking!

Gift cardds from Home Depot, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and a candle store.
Christmas decoration,
Flash Card for her new Camera.
Pink cover for her new Pink Stand Mixer (the boys got her the mixer).

Emery boards! I always gotta get those in my stocking.

And some sort of wacky kid’s toy. Like a boxing nun or something. Get a pair of them so you two can have an epic battle for the WORLD’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

Kkrose I have a perfect picture in mind from our November trip to Reno and NorCal. Great idea , thanks!

WhyNot Oh yeah, the candy is See’s chocolate. I am also giving a Gift Cert. for a Mani and Pedi. She doesn’t dig a massage by anyone but me. Kinda shy.

Now, I am hoping for a full hour deep tissue massage in my sock, but I digress.
We agreed on “No Jewelery” this year.
A nice pair of gloves is an excellent idea.

EmAnJ Thanks for all the great ideas!!!
Hot Chocolate packets, tea, candles and a Love note make the top of the list.

Meme ChoseA ceramic knife perhaps? Great idea…i"m going broke:)

Duckster She got diamonds last year and told me “No Jewelry” this year. I do agree though that diamonds do make a very happy recipient.:wink:

CanvasShoes A plant sticking out the top is a cool idea. Thanks for that.

Cat Whisperer I always get her some bubbles and a couple goofy dollar store goodies.

Quick question: In Canada do they call a dollar store a Loony store? :smiley:

mnemosyne A tangerine in the toe is mandatory!

Snnipe 70EStand Mixer? hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
Thanks, everybody for all the ideas and for getting me in the mood finally.

Sorry for duplicates… this is the kind of thing I have to stream without interruption:

Lindor balls
Nail polish
Tiny manicure kit
Travel-size bottles of lotions and potions (Burts Bees, Bath & Body works)
Travel-size perfumes
Goofy holiday socks
Coupons for services you’ll render
Those flowery girly tools from the checkout line at the hardware store
Funky reading glasses, if she uses them
Moleskine notebooks
Nice pens, or just pretty pens
Fun paper clips, thumb tacks, etc
A Hexbug Nano…

My husband always finds hilarious things to put in a stocking. My favorite ever was a whole spool of “twist-ties” you could cut off at any length. Twist tie heaven!!

Yes, actually. We have some Loonie Plus Stores around here. :slight_smile:

Something “As Seen On TV” is always fun.

Nothing says Merry Christmas honey quite like a dildo

My official Presents Request List for this year is very stocking-y:

a pair of cloth winter gloves
fishnet stockings, with designs (and I’m told that, since they’re not “in fashion” this year, they were on discount, woo and hoo - I like them because they make it possible for me to wear skirts, they keep my thighs from rubbing together without being as constricting or hot as pantyhose)
socks in unprofessional designs, to wear around the house or under boots or when I’m pickind up my nephews (both of whom have enough fashion sense for their own What Not To Wear shows, so they get fits of the giggles seeing me wear professional clothing, black MBTs and yellow Pokemon socks)

Things which got considered but not included because I do have them, I just need to get them from my flat (I’m currently living 1000km away):
those big fluffy sneakers in “funny” shapes (rabbits, bearfeet, etc.)
winter hats (the Andean one I have has half a dozen colors, I call it my “find me in a snowstorm hat”)

Thought of another great one:

Narcissus bulbs! A promise that spring will come. :slight_smile: