Stoopid mis-labeled jeans...

Don’t ask me why I didn’t try them on. They’re just jeans. Same brand I always buy. Same size I’ve been wearing for who knows how long.

How was I supposed to know someone stuck the wrong sticker on the leg?!?!?

I’m about 5’5", so I wear “Average” length in jeans. I don’t pick up “Short” or “Tall” - I’m “Average” - at least in inseam. Both pairs of jeans I bought last week said “Average”. I snipped off the tags and labels and peeled off the sticker that ran down the leg. I tossed that stuff away.

This morning I put on the black jeans. Then seemed a bit long, but it was early and I had to go to work. It’s pouring rain here, so I rolled up the legs to keep the hems out of puddles. About mid-morning, during a visit to the facilities, I looked at the tag inside the waistband. I’m wearing “Tall” jeans. The waistband comes almost to the bottom of my bra. The legs are rolled up 1.5 inches and they’re still too long. All the tags are gone. I have no idea where the receipt is. My jeans are the wrong size.

I have a sewing machine and I know how to use it. I’ll shorten the inseam, but I can’t do anything about the high waist without completely disassembling them - it ain’t worth it.

A curse upon the erroneous sticker-installer!! You may well have a 99.9% accuracy rating, but as a member of the .1% I’m sending a virtual pox in your direction.

Any others among the .1%*??

  • no I don’t have anything to validate that percentage - I made it up for dramatic purposes. You got a problem with that?!?

Where’d you buy them? At places like the GAP, they’ll take anything back for any reason (within reason). I used to work at a store with a similar policy. I surely would have taken your jeans back. I try to shop at places with good liberal return policies. Anyway, if the store won’t take them back, you should find a new store with better policies.

I always try stuff on. Mostly because this very same thing has happened to me numerous times. I just don’t trust those sticker sticking people.

Of course, this could be avoided by just looking at the label sewn onto the jeans instead of the sticker.

However, I think that half the fun of buying new clothes is trying it on, even if it is an exact duplicate of stuff I already have. :slight_smile:

Green Bean, they’re just $15 WalMart jeans - not worth my time to take them back. In fact, considering drive time, find-a-parking-space time, wait-in-line time, deal-with-the-clerk time, and on and on, I can run a quick hem faster and with less frustration.

heraldgwena, there are few things in life I hate more than shopping, and trying on clothing is one of them. I do always check that both shoes I buy are the right size - guess I need to double check everything from now on.

Life is so cruel…

If they’re size 12, you could just mail 'em to me… :smiley:

Yeah, damn mislabeling.
Not too long ago, I bought a pair of jeans that said the waist was 32. They didn’t fit!!! I have always worn 32s (although recently, my dryer thermostat seems to have gone on the fritz and is shrinking all my 32"-waist jeans).

Damn Labellers!! If they are 28" waist pants, please put that instead of 32"!!!

What? What are you all staring at??