Stop hacking my Google!

So, somehow, when I search for something (I’m using Google Chrome & the standard Google function of its universal bar) I get a nice normal-looking Google page, then if I click on, oh almost anything in the page, I get a redirect. At the moment, it seems to being on left-click, not on right-click & new tab, but I think it’s done both in the past. I have a dark suspicion that somehow my overzealous Avast! antivirus which wants to scan everything all the time is involved, but honestly I don’t know what’s going on. I uninstalled Fiirefox this week because it had some stupid fatal recursion error.

Hang on I have an old copy of Netscape on here (thanks to the previous user).

Doesn’t seem to be happening on Netscape Navigator.

Hmm, it’s not everything in Chrome either. Seems like it does it on sites I haven’t been to before, maybe.

Hey, just now Avast! actually blocked the damn trojan, for the first time! This frikking thing has been happening for a couple of days I think. Kept redirecting me through two sites & then trying to download what claims to be a RealPlayer file.

Also, I’ve had svchost.exe suddenly take over the computer at weird times, & I had actually uninstalled Avast! once for doing that too.

Arggh arggh arggh I hate this crap.

Oh, yeah, Chrome is totally doing it on Altavista too. So they’ve hacked my Chrome, & murdered my Firefox, which I couldn’t even get to work after reinstall.

My firefox was taking me to some moviecop page from google. I installed the addons script blocker and ghost and it stopped.

This was happening to me for a while too, on my work computer (which doesn’t have Avast, but never at home, where I do use Avast, FWIW). It seems to be fixed now, but I don’t remember what if anything I did to fix it.

ETA: This was with good old Internet Explorer.

He he! “Hacking your Google”.

That’ll make you go blind and put hair on your palms.

I love my Mac.:cool:

I had the same problem (virus) and fixed it using ComboFix.

It isn’t your browser. The virus replaces some of your windows drivers.

The joys of UNIX.

Where’s the profit in hitting the non-popular option? I bet my Commodore 64 is even safer than your Mac, for just the same reason.

See post #9.

I love my paranoia. And my Gnome Windows XP.

Once you’ve corrected the problem with ComboFix (it works, really!), make sure all of your software is updated – especially Acrobat Reader. I got a Trojan exactly like you’re describing after visiting a legit news site with a malware ad; I had an older version of Reader installed, and this particular Trojan exploited that.

Dude, that’s nothing. I got my Timex-Sinclair nearly 30 years ago, and it still keeps the door open when I want it to stay open.