Stop-motion videogame inspired music video.

Friends of mine put together a music video for one of my songs. They put a lot of work into it. See if you can spot what videogame might have helped inspire the clip. :slight_smile: youtube link :stuck_out_tongue:


Sonic the Hedgehog!

What does “Free Gaff Forever” mean?

Well a gaff is a house/home and a free house is when you’re a teen or otherwise living at home and your parents go away for a night or longer. You’re free to do what you want, party or what have you.

Dude that is really good. Good job. You can tell they put many hours into it. Came out great.

Song is very catchy too BTW.

Bump for this awesome video and song. Anyone else check this out yet? Neat stuff.

ETA: I just bought your CD by the way.

Haha, thanks. Did it download ok?

Yeah. No problems. Pretty good album. This is my wifes kind of tunes. She’ll like it alot, though I dig it myself as well.

Your web presence doesn’t really tell me much about your group. As a new fan I’d like to be able to find out more about you guys but can’t, at least not easily. Thought you may want to know that.

Well it’s just me and a drummer on the record, usually me solo live. Ask me anything you wanna know, but duly noted. Thanks for buying the record and more importantly thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

This is pretty charming, really - the song and the clip. I like the bit with the bit with the scissors especially.

Great song, amazing clip. I don’t know much about videomaking/animation, but this looks really pro to me. :slight_smile:

Ha, they’re getting pro but it’s one of the first music videos they’ve created.