Stopping the sound on my AIM

That’s the question. I use AIM for IMs. At the top of the buddy screen, there’s always some window with an ad, text, whatever. Sometimes, as I inadvertantly mouse-over it, it plays music or increases in size. How do I stop this? CAN I stop this?

If you are intent on using the AIM client, I don’t know. But there are other clients that support AIM - I use Trillian from and do not have the problem that you describe.

Like amarone, I abandoned AIM long ago; however, I use Pidgin (free, open-source) as my client. No ads, connects to multiple networks (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, etc…), and you can control the sounds, appearance and other variables.

If you don’t want to abandon your AIM client, I’m not sure how to do it other than to change your hosts file to block the ads–and even then that works only if they don’t change ad server IPs.

Thanks for the replies. I have no loyalty to AIM, just used them because of laziness.

Off to switch.