Stores detaining people for credit card fraud.

I didn’t realize stores could do this. They ring up your purchase and immediately detain you for suspected credit card fraud? Why even accept the card if they are suspicious its not good? These stores are getting people arrested before they even know if the credit card is legit?

Stores harassing paying customers…great way to lose those customers’ business.
The few times I’ve been harassed by overzealous security or cracked out clerks at a store…I just go shop somewhere else where I at least dont feel unwelcome.

ABCNews just ran a segment on this. Calling it Shopping While Black.

Jay Z is under pressure to severe ties with Barneys. He’s supposed to have an expensive designer line in that store next month. It doesn’t sound like they are very friendly to Jay Z’s fans.

It’s bad enough getting shadowed by security watching for shoplifting. But now even checking out with a ID and a credit card can get the cops called on you? That’s just screwed up.