Stores Selling Board Games in Twin Cities

As the holidays approach, I’ll be visiting family in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. I’m looking for game stores that sell Eurogames - I’m primarily looking for stores that (a) have a large collection and (b) sell gift certificates. Anywhere in the cities will do, but I’m primarily looking for places in the Southern (and to a lesser extent Western) suburbs.

I’m aware of the Games by James chain, but they’re not quite what I’m looking for, since their collection of Eurogames is fairly lacking. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’ve never been there, but friends of mine from the Twin Cities have told me that The Source in Falcon Heights may be the best game store in the area.

The Source still exists?!

If it does…and hasn’t changed in 20 years…that would be your baby.

{Next you’ll be telling me Phoenix Games still exists…}

Sure looks that way. Their web site features an event calendar for this month.

The Source still exists. And it hasn’t changed in 20 years - I think some of the staff is the same. It isn’t South or West though.

They carry more MtG stuff than they did 20 years ago.

I’m pretty sure Phoenix Games is long gone however.

Hmm -doesn’t seem up to date

Try this:


Aww…I came here to tell you about The Source, and I have been beaten to it. If anything has changed in 20 years, it’s that it is bigger (it took over a neighboring store and installed a large anime/manga/book/movie section a few years ago). Don’t know of any other store around quite like it.

Haven’t been there in 20 years but The Source was always a great place to go.

I loved Phoenix Games as well…but The Source was in a league of it’s own.

It’s even better, it is nothing less than the gaming mecca in the Twin Cities.

Sadly it does, in Deep Haven. Not only is it almost impossible to find it’s nothing like it used to be and carries only a tiny selection of Games Workshop stuff, if that’s your thing you’d do better at Air Supply in Rosedale Center.

There is a small store called Village Games in Anoka that’s open 5pm to 10pm, but if The Source doesn’t have it you’ll have to order it online.

Thanks a lot everyone. I’m not thrilled with the location (I’ll be in Eagan and Lakeville), but there’s definitely a consensus here.

IMHO, worth the trip for any board game (or comic) enthusiast.

Another vote for the Source. It’s a trek from Eagan/Lakeville, but worth it. Huge selection of Eurogames, miniatures, RPGs, comics and the like.

Link showing pictures from 2005, prior to the most recent expansion:

It’s less cramped now, but still stuffed with all kinds of gaming stuff.

The other store that is worth the trip is Uncle Hugo’s, if you are at all interested in SF & Fantasy.

It’s the biggest and best SF/Fantasy bookstore in the US. Amazing selection of both new and used books. Not much in the way of games, but I find that there is often overlap in the interest sets…