Gaming Stores in Dallas?

Hi all -

I’ll be in Dallas next week for a class. I’d like to find a gaming store or three to visit when I’m there, seeing as how I don’t have a real store here in lovely Jackson, MS.

So…anyone have any suggestions? I’ll be in the Irving area, but I’ll have a car and the company will be paying for the gas.


You can try Lonestar Comics which has maybe 8 locations in the D/FW area. The Game Chest is in Valley View Mall, I think, and it was always a good place to visit for new and old games.

What kind of gaming? Cards, roleplaying, tabletop, video gaming, LAN, console? Any specific games? Are you looking to buy games or hook up with a group to play? The recommendations vary wildly, but there isn’t a lot in Irving, you’ll need to drive a bit.


No problem driving a bit.

As for the kind of games, I’m looking mostly for RPG, tabletops, and everything that usually goes along with them.


I’ll second that recommendation. You’d get to Valley View Mall from Irving by heading east on I-635, exiting at Preston Road & taking it north. The mall will be on your left, just north of the expressway. The Game Chest is on the upper level.

I don’t recall being impressed by their collection of tabletop miniature’s games(Warhammer, Mage Knight, Hero Click, etc.) but for most other types of games, I’ll third The Game Chest in Valley View Mall. It’s about fifteen to twenty minutes drive from Irving, depending on where you’re staying. They have an excellent selection and a fine reputation in the gaming community around here. If you’re looking for older sourcebooks or RPG info, there is a massive second-hand book chain called Half Price Books whose flagship location is about twenty five minutes from Irving(on Northwest Highway near Central Expressway/75). Like most second hand bookstores they’ll be a bit hit and miss, but they have some extraordinary items for RPG’s sometimes.


Half Price Books is also a great place for bookshopping too, of course. In addition to used books, they also have overstocks and remainders. And they carry computer programs, magazines, all sorts of stuff. It’s like treasure hunting. I’ve stocked my gaming library with all sorts of D&D 3.0 books and accessories from HPB. Plan on spending a few hours in the store.

Yeah, although I do feel a little bit ashamed that I’m not fully supporting the game companies, I regularly fill out the gaps in my collection from Half-Price Books. Game Chest is excellent, though they can be pricey. But they have a goodly stock of old games and they’ll be the first place I turn to when I get around to filling in my collection of Buck Rogers XXVc.

When a new item comes out that I know I’ll want, I’ll get it from Lone Star. They aren’t quite as wondrous as that one shop in Allen which packed up because the owner’s wife got a tenure track position in Birmingham, but it’s friendly and usually has something I want, especially since what I want usually just came out or is a Reaper Mini.

You should have gotten in on the sale the other Game Chest location had when it was shutting down. I got Star Farers of Catan and the 5-6 Player expansion together for under $60. Plus a lot of d6’s, because my players were about to eat beholder rays until they cried for mama.

God, I miss Dallas.

There is a Games Workshop company store located in Grapevine Mills Mall north of the airport. That would be about 6-8 miles from Irving depending on where you are.

Closer to my home is Generation X comics and games located on Hwy 157/Industrial Blvd in Bedford. That’s going to be a bit more of a drive, but obviously they will have a bigger non-GW selection than the Games Workshop store (which would have none).

Thanks for the recommendations, guys. If anyone else comes up with anything, let me know.