Storm over weatherman's peurile antics

Maybe my computer is playing up. I cannot find the threads about this.

Did you want this in the Pit or in MPSIMS?

Hasn’t made the news in the US, to my knowledge. It doesn’t sound like the weatherman did anything wrong or even legitimately offensive. If the station had aired it, they would be very stupid, but that’s not what happened.

I wanted to read the debate. I assumed that there were threads already. I am amazed if this is the first one. I have no idea where threads belong any longer on this board.

It seems that we keep getting these news stories from the US in the Australian papers, but they are not big news in the USA. When I first looked, this story was the 5th most read story on The Age’s website

It’s news of the weird stuff. It might be making its rounds on the blogs, which I don’t check, but other places that do include some oddball news (like AOL news) might be passing on this story because of the sexual content.

Okay. You start.

Sorry. I agree and sympathize that we don’t quite have a Forum that is explicitly related to “the passing scene,” although I would guess that MPSIMS is closest.

If you wanted to poll everyone’s opinion on the matter, it would be IMHO.
If you wanted to bitch about it, it would be The BBQ Pit.
If it was a commentary on television, (which I don’t really think this is), it would be Cafe Society.

If you wished to debate whether the station should have been harder on the weather guy or ignored it altogether, it might go here.

No harm, no foul. But it ain’t stayin’ here. Off to MPSIMS.

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Which evidently says something about “The Age’s” viewers, rather than about the poor guy caught up in this.

:rolleyes: Gods, people are SO uptight! What’s the fuss…? Are jokes gonna be illegal next?

I thought this was going to be about something different. I thought the title said “penile” antics.

If we ever invent time machines, then maybe the people who complain about stuff like this can go live in Puritan times and finally be happy.

It must do if this not a big story in the USA

Couldn’t find a working video link, but it sounds reminiscent of The Tourette’s Syndrome Weatherman.

I thought puerile antics had been part of a TV weatherman’s job description for decades now.

OK, so let me see if I have this straight – in a rehearsal tape, off-the-air, (probably setting up the greenscreen), he carried on with some juvenile b00beez humor. All the lads had a laugh and everyone went on to do their job right and a proper broadcast was done. Then some time later, a station employee **steals ** the tape and releases it to the net.

And it’s the weatherman and the station are the ones who are supposed to apologize and be all mortified and stuff? The way I see it, a reprimand for goofing off with company equipment and a reminder that while on the company dime you must behave in such a professional manner as to not be embarassed if it becomes public is fair deal for the incident. But that’s about where I’d leave it.

And of course, a lesson learned: on-set horseplay? Rewind the damn tape and record the next segment on top of it. If the recording survives the session, presume it’ll eventually fall into the wrong hands. Applies of course to any potentially embarassing tape, both on and off the job…

None of us Puritans complained. Neither did anyone else. The segment never even aired.

If it had, might it not possibly fall within the realm of acceptable behavior in our own wonderfully enlightened times to complain if this appeared on a TV weather report:

I’ll buy the first ticket on that time machine.

Reading the link, it seems that the weatherman was reacting to a prank played on him. Seems like a tempest in a tea pot.

Hey, can you imagine how cool it would be if everything we did and said in our daily lives, whether public or intimate and personal, serious or in jest, might be recorded—maybe without our even being aware of it— and posted, maybe by someone with a grudge, to YouTube or distributed in some fashion online, where it might exist for ever and ever, causing a lifetime of endless ridicule, career destruction, legal entanglements, etc.?

No wait, not cool… what’s the other thing? Horrible. Dystopian. Hope we never get to that stage.

According to the link, the incident took place several years ago, anyway. Hard to see why anybody would be outraged by it now, even with the tape being leaked.