Story arcs or developments you'd like to see in your favorite series

These threads have been done before but not recently so there’s a whole new season of developments. If you had creative control or input into your favorite TV shows, what are some developments you’d like to see?

A few of mine:
BIG LOVE- Barb gets wise and leaves Bill, returns to mainstream LDS, and becomes an anti-polygamy advocate. Nicky leaves the compound and is divorced by Bill and becomes an anti-polygamy advocate as well, more because of the money and fame it brings her (big advance for a memoir, TV appearances, etc.) and goes absolutely wild- think Paris Hilton meets Ann Coulter. Bill, now outted, becomes the head of a growing cult of a fundamentalist LDSers who want to be more mainstream and his son stays with him, though his ties to the compound secretly grow. It grows to a showdown as each strengthens their power base.
Ugly Betty- first and foremost, it is time for the bangs and the braces to GO! They’re not cute and quirky anymore. Betty doesn’t have to look like a glam America Ferrera, but she could at least look like an “America Ferrera when she’s at home and doing laundry”. Then, more of Justin: if they can work it out with the actor’s reps (due to his age) he needs to officially come out or at least be more open about his prefs (causing his mom to flip), and he needs more scenes with Marc who should become something of a mentor. Betty’s new billionaire heir boyfriend— I’m up in the air about him- I think he’ll probably end up being her new boss when he takes over MODE.
I’d bring back Octavia Spencer (who played Constance- the insane immigration worker from the first season) as the same character but in different capacities- several ideas on how, and I might even give Eric Mabius/Daniel a golden parachute from the series as I don’t think he adds that much (his mom adds more).

30 ROCK I like the show in general so really I’d only do one thing: DROP THE “I WANT A BABY” SUBPLOT. Specifically it’s because Liz Lemon is NOT ready to be a parent, and generally it’s because adding a baby [which usually disappears after the birth episode anyway until it resurfaces as a wisecracking 3 year old a couple of times the next season] never really helped any series.
Your turn.

No one? Bueller, Bueller…

I’ll add one then:

Burn Notice- I’d like to see James “Roscoe P. Coltrane” Best play Sam’s father in an episode- to me they look alike. And I’d like to see James Garner, Andy Griffith, or some other old “All American good guy” become a slightly older love interest for Maddie (Michael’s mom) and turn out to be thoroughly evil with links to everything from the JFK Assassination to Iran-gate to Guantanamo.

How about in books?

**The Southern Vampire Mysteries **- Someday, after Sookie gets a stomach bug and remarking that at least it’s not morning sickness, Claudine should cheerfully reveal that another reason fairies avoid vampires is that unlike humans they can crossbreed with vampires. Depending on the state of Sookie’s lovelife, this would cause shock or concern. I prefer the latter.

Yes. And Barb will meet a new husband, a rugged yet sensitive man with a powerful sex drive and a giant Lincoln convertible, played by Elias Koteas.

Meanwhile Nikki will fall in love with her sleazeball agent - played by John David Carson - who will constantly sleep with other women behind her back while she’s busy shopping.

I checked to make sure that James Best is still alive (he is) and found out today’s random useless fact. James Best is the father-in-law of Michael Damian, soap star and singer of Rock On.

Didn’t know that. Did know he’s a first cousin of the Everly Brothers and was Quentin Tarantino’s acting teacher.