Stovetop or microwave directions for frozen fish fillets?

The store was having a big sale on Van de Kamps frozen fish fillets ($2 for a box of 10, normally $6.50) so I picked up a whole bunch. It wasn’t until I opened the first box that I noticed, there are NO microwave or stovetop directions – only for the conventional oven, which is a problem because I don’t have one that works!!

Now, I know I’ve seen fish grilled in a skillet before. I think I even remember cooking it in the microwave myself. But I don’t remember how long, what temperature, etc. So, does anyone out there have suggestions? Each fillet is breaded and weighs 75g, dunno how many ounces that is.

For you microwave, lay them in a single row on a papertowel and nuke for a few minims. Two minites should be all you need for a few fillets. Times vary on nukers so your may be different on times. But I think they turn out soggy and there is nothing worse than soggy breading. IK!
If the filets were breaded still raw this may not work, as the fish may not cook fully or evenly.

As for the stove top, Get your bigger fry pan out and pour about an inch of oil in it. Heat it to about 375 or so, (Till a piece of bread dropped in browns quickly) and deep fry them suckers. Put them in the hot grease and let them be for a few minutes untill they are sufficently browned, then flip them over to brown them evenly on the other side.

As for the no gas stove I can relate. I don’t have one either but can do just fine with my amalgamation of electrical appliances … Electric Wok, 2 burner hot plate, Electric converction oven, Hamilton Beach Grill (Similar to the George Foreman), and Small square fry Pan. (perfect for Omlets) Bonus when the Landlord pays the electric bill !

Well Twin, enjoy the fish! Lemme know how things turn out AY?