(Straight) Dope brownies

My chem teacher got off on a tangent one day about weed and his friends from when he was in highschool (the guy admitted to playing with too much mercury): he said that when you eat dope brownies that some of the weed is not broken down, rather it is stored in fat with the brownies (as they aren’t exactly healthly…) He then said that much later after the expected high, when the fat is broken down in the body, that the weed can later have the same effects: 1) Can this happen? 2) If so, could having dope in your stored fat show up on a drug test?

No. IANA expert, but to my knowledge while THC is stored in fat cells, it’s in a digested form that is no longer usable by the body. When the fat is broken down the THC has no effect and is just passed on through urine.

IAdefintelyNA expert, but I believe that the process your science teacher described is the layman’s explanation given for “acid flashbacks.”
As far as I can tell (never done acid) acid flashbacks are real. I’ve seen an especially bad one first hand.

I don’t know if the same applies to THC, tho.

THC is fat soluble, but it is not digested along with the brownies. What happens when you make brownies containing weed is that instead of the instant high you sit around and wait for an hour or more for the ingested pot to take effect. Meanwhile you keep eating them, thinking that you got the recipe wrong or something and suddenly you are hit with a strong high much later than you expected.

There is no such thing as a THC flash back. The heat the marijuana undergoes when you cook it releases more THC than when smoked. When you digest it, it takes longer to hit your blood stream, but when it does you will feel high from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. It is a much more intense feeling than smoking and it lasts considerable longer.

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