Straight dope collaborations?

Have any successful collaborations occured here at the dope involving former strangers to one another with a variety of skill sets? It seems it could be very fertile ground for some very cool projects requiring a range of skills.

LavenderBlue and Kolga collaborated very successfully on a book supporting vaccination. See post #35of this thread, where LavenderBlue explains how the collaboration came about through the Dope.

I’ve always thought this was one of the coolest stories on the board; not only a collaboration, but a collaboration to fight ignorance!

Are you counting marriages? There have been quite a few of them.

I was thinking more in terms of developing things or ideas.

Things develop out of marriages. They’re called children.

Thank you. It has been truly an honor to work with my fabulous co-author.

Thanks as well for your support. As a result, our book is on the shelves of over 500 libraries all across the nation. It has out earned the advance. I am about to donate royalties from the book to a pro-vaccine charity called the Measles and Rubella Initiative. Please consider a small donation to an organization like this one. Vaccines not only save lives. They also make children healthier. Kids who are vaccinated are far less likely to get brain damage from pertussis, lose their hearing from measles, suffer though a needless hysterectomy from HPV or wind up with mental retardation from diseases like rubella. A small donation really can make an amazing difference!


Thanks so much, SpoilerVirgin. That collaboration has been an amazing thing. We are very proud of the result of our efforts, and it’s led to a lot of opportunities for both of us that probably wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

We’re considering a second book. We’ll keep the supportive SDMB posted :smiley:

 This is a great example of some of the good things that could be realized by dopers. 

 I would like to see a thread where dopers would suggest what they feel are worthwhile projects and then campaign for their own project seeking collaborators in area where they might lack expertise. It would be interesting to see what could come of it.

Please do!
Thanks for fighting ignorance about this important subject!

Not exactly a project collaboration, but there was a thread about a mystery rock with a hole in it - I identified it as a flint/chert pebble and collected some similar ones from beaches near me. elbows expressed an interest in having them - so I posted them to Canada. A month or two later, I received a mysterious parcel that turned out to contain an amazing assortment of souvenirs, trinkets, candies and other items - all in exchange for a box of rocks!