Straight Dope Google Newsgroup

I just found this today. It was straaaaaange seeing a whole other community of Dopers. Do they call themselves that? I’m afraid to post there. They are ‘fans’ of Cecil Adams.

From the Online Elsewhere section of the Straight Dope FAQ: “ is a Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. AFCA is a spontaneous efflorescence of wit and learning on the part of the Teeming Millions and has no formal connection with the Straight Dope or the Chicago Reader. However, if our Web message board isn’t to your liking, you may find AFCA more congenial.”

There is a fair amount of overlap of persons posting on the two sites. The USENET group is a few years older than this message board, so people like me posted there before this site was set up.

There is also misc.facts.straight-dope