Straight doper males - have you ever masturbated with another man?

This may seem like a bit of a leftfield question but as a gay man I always fear asking this to a guy in person may seem as some kind of cunning ploy to get them to admit something.

I’ve heard a few times from individuals, and there is a sense I get from popular culture, that there is a phenomenon where straight men will masturbate together as a social activity. I can certainly imagine it being something teenagers do when masturbation is all new and interesting, but I’m less convinced it would happen as an adult. Also I hear things about frat houses and stuff (and no I’m not just getting that from gay porn storylines).

So can people either confirm or deny? I’m not particularly looking for personal experiences if people don’t want to give them, would be happy with a simple “yes I’ve done it/it happened to friends of mine” etc, but if you have and want to elaborate I would love to know how this kind of activity happens. I mean, how is it considered something normal for men to do together?

Thanks teeming millions.


[not that there’s anything wrong with it]

No. Ew.

Previous thread on this subject. The general consensus seemed to be that a bunch of guys have done it but a larger bunch more replied “No way never!”

I see what you did there…wait, that wasn’t stunt.

No. Never have. I wouldn’t have any reason to if it didn’t involve porn, and I’ve only watched porn with guys a handful (heh) of times. If I did I probably wouldn’t be able to perform anyway, with other guys in the room.

Ew. No.

No, I think that any sense of this sort of thing occurring is a product of a lot of vivid rumors with no basis in truth (circle jerks, “limp biscuit.”) People in high school love to make up wild stories about what kids are supposedly doing sexually, and most of the time it is a bunch of crap.

no, no, no, no
no no no no
Why…would you…ever…no, no

I’ve read about it anecdotally. But personally no. I’d have no interest in doing it and I’ve never come close to any situation where it might have occurred.

Nope, though I don’t seem to have the more visceral reaction to it that others seem to be expressing.

Never, but if the price is right I would consider it.

If you mean naked while kissing, then no definitely not.

If you mean at all, then no definitely not.

No. For all the rumors and stories of alleged circle jerks and the like, I’ve never actually been witness to it, or heard of a specific incident actually happening, and I was in the Boy Scouts with lots of teenage boys in tents. Anyone even suggesting it would have been permanently stigmatized and tarred as a homo (it was the 70’s, and we were not enlightened). Even admitting to masturbation in private was not done.

I suspect that if and when this happens, it happens in very small groups (of like 2-3), and it’s kept very quiet, and there is probably some homoeroticism involved.

ETA an anonymous poll might get a more accurate response. This might not be something some guys want to sign their names to if they’ve done it.

I saw it on a Southpark episode once!

But other than that …nope!

Well I’ve seen it in lots of films too. Wait, you mean that frat boys don’t masturbate together and playfully touch each other, then get curious and start sucking each other off, then start fucking each other? Has “Frat boys gone wild 2” been lying to me???

Yeah, I was hoping to get more of a primary source on this.

I have done it.

Usually only in adult arcades and theaters. When I was younger 20+ years ago it happened several times.

Yeah, once. In high school a guy invited me over to his place to listen to some records. Later he suggested we take a sauna in the sauna room, where he started whacking off, and I was amazed but not shocked, and thought, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, gave it a tug or two, but couldn’t get hard.

We never spoke of it again.

Was that guy gay, though? I cannot possibly imagine a straight guy inviting another guy into the sauna and then initiating a jerk-off session. Unless there was a porno movie playing, or a naked woman dancing behind a glass wall or something, I don’t think straight men typically go into a sauna and start jerkin’ it.


I’ll pass on that offer.

Not interested. I doubt that I even could, it would just sort of weird me out.