Straight Dope's problem

I think the SDMB has a serious problem… Too many self-proclaimed geniuses. Someone will post a question and they don’t really understand what they’re talking about and the dopers just tear them apart. Well they wouldn’t be posting on here if they didn’t need help on some subject that they aren’t an expert in. Now given, there are plenty of very smart people on the SDMB with knowledge in a HUGE range of topics, but when someone asks a question about a topic you know more than them in, don’t completely rip them a new one, lay off.


To be fair, I don’t see that happen too much in GQ. I think most posters are pretty tolerant, even if the question is somewhat silly. I can see it happening more often in GD, but that’s as much due to asinine OPs or cynical weariness at yet another rehashed topic.

I remember being surprised when I started posting here at the general level of intelligence of the posters. I still am, when comparing this place to other boards. The occasional downside of this is a short-temperedness when it comes to silly or repeat questions. That doesn’t excuse it, but it may explain it somewhat. Stay awhile and you’ll see what I mean – after a while, it’s harder to separate the people who genuinely want a serious answer because they don’t know and those who are trolling or asking silly questions that a quick glance at a book or on Google would solve.

Well, if someone would just proclaim me a genius, I wouldn’t have to do it for myself, now wouldn’t I?

Scylla, you know Linkster was rendered illegal by court ruling. You need to go through the link swapping routines like Linkaa, LinkGalaxy, or MorLinkUs.

Please do not make this error again; I’d hate to see you get in trouble.

If this turns into another discussion of post-sharing programs, I’m afraid I’m going to have to close it down.

Well, then, Euty, see if I ever share another post with you! :mad:


I do think that we occasionally assume someone is asking a question as a lead-up to being an asshole, and not as an honest question. bUt the fact is, alot of the rhetorical connumdrums and slick, facile, and ultimitely flawed arguements that we have grown tired of are new to some people. And if someone honestly can’t figure out why Transubstanciation dosen’t mean all catholics are cannibals, it dosen’t help to jump all over them. We all had to be taught certain things, and we ought to pass it on.

In my experience, there is no harm giving potential trolls the benefit of the doubt: even when I am virtually certain someone is being deliberatly obtuse and trying to stir up trouble, I think the most effective approach is to answer thier direct questions patiently and ignore (not-so-subtle) subtle innuendos. When confused, ask questions, and stick on the same question until it is answered. For people who are geniunely ignorant, this results in communication, and the real trolls will always reveal themselves unambigiously if youe give them time.

Dude, that would be GENIUS!!!

Are you proclaiming that yourself?

Well, in this thread:

CrAcKmOo asked a question about his girlfriend and stockton rather rudely replied:

Personally, I thought stockton’s response was pretty obnoxious, so I understand the OP.

Don’t worry CrAcKmOo some people around here are actually nice. You did get quite a few positive responses in that thread, no?


I agree. Kind of an assholish response. Welcome to the SDMB, Crackmoo. Sorry for your rough start. Lesson 1: ignore the assholes!


The general level of intelligence here is higher than it is on all but one of the other fora (re: the recent rant = Byte me!) I frequent. I posted a sarcastic parody of a recent much-discussed post on one of the said other fora, and people missed the sarcasm entirely.

I don’t like putting time into being a smartass if it’s not appreciated!

By the way, I hate no-caps posters. I recently fell in lust with a no-caps poster who lives nearby. The dilemma!!

Well a word of advice. If you start an OP, and get a smartass answer like you did, check the almighty post count. You will find that usually it is someone on the board that hasn’t been on the board long and has not learned correct and courteous posting techniques. Then again, they could just be your everyday asshole and not care.
Welcome to the boards, grow a thick skin, and enjoy your stay.

I think this Pit OP has a serious problem. Too damned polite. Someone will post an OP criticizing the message board and they don’t really understand that they are contractually obligated to rail against either the SDMB clique[sup]TM[/sup] or the jack-booted moderator brown-shirts. Well, asking for civility is just downright boring. Now given, there are plenty of other posters who can be counted on to post some crazy shit, but when someone criticizes board behavior without attaching any conspiracy theories, Nazi accusations, or allegations of an evil SDMB cabal, we don’t get to rip them a new one; lay off the Emily Post bit - we need Neil Boortz. :wink:

I agree. That’s a big part of the reason I don’t read Great Debates too much anymore.

That’s not necessarily true. It seems like a very common reason for posting on this board is to show off how smart you think you are, and a very popular way of doing that is to try to make others look or feel stupid. I know of several posters, just off the top of my head (and one in particular who really stands out), who are very smart and have knowledge in a wide range of subjects. And while they usually give good, well-thought out responses, they tend to be very assholish about it. As if everybody who doesn’t know what so-and-so knows is an absolute moron, and needs to know it.

Oh well. Such is the Straight Dope. Lots of smart people like to make sure you know how smart they are, and often they won’t wait for you to form your own opinion because it takes too long. Especially when they can tell you themselves.

On the other hand, there are the times when somebody is just having a bad day and snaps off a rude response without meaning to. When you have 10,000 active posters, quite a few are probably having bad days on any given day. So it seems like a lot.

LOL!!! What a cute Pit thread topic. :smiley:

Well, I’ll have y’all know that I’m a self-proclaimed genius on these boards since no one will step up and nominate me for genius status. [sigh] I have to do everything around here it seems. Anyway, I can outdo y’all Dopers in a lot of topics, but my particular specialty lately is math and statistical analysis. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and to satisfy Beeblebrox’s dissatisfaction with how polite this thread is, any of y’all who don’t like what I have to say can kiss my patootie.

[nominates celestina]:wink:

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Seconded nomination for celestina! All in favor? :smiley: