Strange Announcements

At Love Field today I heard this announcement:

“Bill Bingley, Please get to Gate two as quick as you can. We love you , but we will leave you.” said in a male voice that was very arch.

Have you heard any funny/odd announcements?

At a huge book sale:

“Mrs. Smith, please meet your husband at the checkout. He’s been waiting a million years.”

I actually heard Michael Hunt paged once.

Well, I heard Dick Hertz paged in a bar once as winner for a prize. A guy in my group just stood up and said, “That’s me.”

Not a public announcement over a loudspeaker, but an overheard comment in a nursing home yesterday:

“You can’t sit there, because she’s dead, and you can’t sit there because she can’t come downstairs any more and takes her meals in her room, and you can’t sit there because that’s where I sit, so you have to sit there.”

Some folks really don’t like change do they?

Bond, James Bond. Please pick up a white courtesy phone. At Denver International Airport.

Residents or staff?

Residents. (Thank goodness) :slight_smile: