Strange body parts you find attractive


I’m generally can’t stand seeing peoples’ feet, and I’ve never had anything like a foot fetish, but one time in church I saw a woman wearing capri pants and clogs and something about her ankles really attracted me to her. She was average looking, but she had these really attractive ankles, right at the spot where her foot disappeared into the clog. I’ve never seen ankles like that on anyone.

And I’ll second the OP’s attraction to nipples that stick through the shirt, but I don’t consider those “strange body parts”.

Ditto that. And egads, that’s porn that’s hard to Google.

Chins. If there’s a little crease in between a woman’s chin and her throat, I need to munch the hell out of the back of her neck.

I love earlobes!

Pointy and prominent canine teeth.

I loved my wife’s smooth under-chin skin. But it made her cranky when I stroked it, I also liked when various girfriends had sleeveless dresses, and I would hold them by the shoulder in the movies. Again, it quickly made them sensitive and cranky.

You a Kirsten Dunst fan?

Ditto. Cable newscasters seem to have them.
Contessa Brewer, MSNBC
Catherine Herridge, Fox News
Carol Costello, CNN

Greta Van Susteren had a great jawline before the rebuild. I always found her wierdly attractive before the surgery. Now she looks like she’s on steroids. She isn’t on steroids, is she?

Nearly shot it once on an El train looking at a woman’s perfect knees.

…especially when the other kidney is hot-tub shaped. It’s just hard to find room for it all in one bodily cavity…

On men, I think really visible veins on only lightly-to-moderately muscled arms are extremely attractive.

I’m another fan of over-sized, or crooked/bumpy/previously-broken-and-not-healed properly noses on either guys or girls. In an English class freshman year of college, a classmate had a nose that epitomized both hugeness and crookedness, which I frequently admired from across the room when lecture was boring. I was afraid she’d notice me staring at her, and I’d have to explain that it was out of appreciation for how hot her nose was, not because I thought it was freakish. I never was able to come up with a way to make that sound like a compliment, and luckily, I was never caught.

I also have a thing for extremes in coloring: I think extremely dark-skinned black women are absolutely gorgeous, as well as so-pale-they’re-almost-blue white women. I usually find a tan extremely unappealing.

I think it’s what Bam Boo Gut is talking about , but that little groove at the top of a man’s thigh. Sometimes if he wears his jeans slung low enough you can see it. I just want to slide my hand over it.

Me too. I love to see a man with strong, square wrists, where the bone at the side is prominent and the hollow on the other side is well defined.
I am also very partial to the whole ensembele being hairy. Not as in an actual werewolf, just a little bit hairy.
That is very sexy to me.

Speaking of indents, women (maybe men too, but I don’t notice) have two little indents on either side of the spine just above the pelvis. On some women those indents just beg to be licked.

In fact that general area, above the butt but below the back, is one of my favorite places to put my hand. And not just because it’s easy to cop a panty feel that way.

I like a nicely defined female pair of clavicles. And the back of a woman’s knees can be very sexy. I am also a connoisseur of necks.

Ditto on the pelvic bones. Also the curve of the waist just above the hip when a guy is laying on his side.

Aren’t we all looking for the elusive Joan L. Lewis.

Upper arms and shoulders, especially when the arms are up. A girl in a wifebeater is always a good thing, and not just for the pair of obvious reasons.

Well manicured hands sometimes does it for me. But mostly, I just tend to find odd body parts attractive of women that I already think are attractive.

Oh. Got one. Mousy ears. Love 'em. Along with the crooked teeth. I love it when a girl who is otherwise classically beautiful has a few quirky flaws. For some reason, I always find those visual flaws more attractive than the Holywood set.

A guy who is so thin that you can discern his ribs under the skin.

And dark, heavy eyebrows . . . that have NOT been trimmed (god, I can’t wait for this fad to be over).

Pregnant bellies.