Strange body parts you find attractive

Inspired by the “What body type do you prefer” thread, I have a couple really specific things that excite that the general public may not.

Armpits. Hairy, deep armpits. I think it may be the deltoid muscle from the back making it? This is an example of what I’m talking about. Mmmm. I think it may just be my possession of these that makes them attractive for me.

Nipples that stick through shirts. I for some reason can’t find any pictures of this, as I have no idea what to search for. But I’m always on the lookout.

The jackpot is, of all things, wifebeaters (A-shirts) where the gentleman in question has those armpits, a shock of chest hair at the top, and nipples barely hidden by the thin fabric. :slight_smile:

As an extension of a serious foot fetish, I enjoy the calluses on women’s heels, as well as the slightly roughed-up stripe above the heels where a shoe strap might rub.

Not all that strange, but the adrenals have a nice shape and texture, plus the classic division into cortex and medulla.

I have an adrenal-shaped garden bed. Very attractive.

A swimming-pool shaped kidney is always hot.

The little wrinkles at the outside corner of a mature man’s eyes. Just the other day I was noticing that Brett Favre has 'em.

Crooked teeth on a woman.Kelly Macdonald, my heart flutters.

Collarbones and shoulderblades and pelvises. The sharp lines of bone that really come out (on a normal, non malnourished person) every once in a while, like when they’re lying down or bending over. Mm.

Big noses. Rounded tummies.

(On men).


I have to second this one. Bushy eyebrows on a woman are very very nice.
Just where his pants flip over on our left hand side by the belt loop. Damn that’s a hot spot.

Also small eyes and strong forearms.

The back of a man’s neck, when he’s let his hair grow a little and there’s some fuzz on his neck, maybe some little curls . . . mmmm

Darn you! I was going to say men’s necks. I prefer clean-shaven or hairless (though I like hair everywhere else). The appreciation stems directly from a really boring 11th-grade Econ glass, when I sat directly behind Sexyneck Pyatt (not his real first name).

Reminds me of a quote from Peep Show,

Not at all strange.

ETA: For my money, a nice philtrum is attractive.

Yep, me too. And every guy has 'em, even the fat ones.

I think it has something to do with the way a Ken doll is made.

Oh, God, yes. On women too, for that matter. Long noses with a little hook to the bridge and flared nostrils make me go all silly. The rest of the person’s face can be completely unremarkable, but if they have a nice nose I’m besotted.

Nice wrists, too. Good solid bone with definition. When William Adamson says to Mattie in A.S. Byatt’s Morpho Eugenia, “You have–remarkable–wrists,” I knew exactly what he was on about.

Really high cheek bones on women.


On men. The prominent collarbones on a tall lanky guy. It would almost be worth it to be a vampire just to get at all those collarbones. (And Im about as far from goth as you can get)

Jaws. I love a really well defined jaw on a woman.

Long, narrow noses, like Adrien Brody’s.