Strange Days...

Cecil Adams himself has posted twice to a thread in Comments on Cecil’s Columns that pre-invoked Godwin’s Law by being about President Bush’s ancestors and their supposed dealings with the Nazis.

And jdavis, presumably cheered along by his furry friends, is engaging in a debate on possible sources for Iraq’s WMDs in Great Debates.

I personally am pleased by both – but astonished at the sudden activism by these two quiet and loath-to-post administrators. What’s next? Will Slug Signorino show up in Café Society to debate cartooning styles? :slight_smile:

Now that would be cool! Slug Signorino could post a link to some of his unpublished drawings (if he has any).

Also, I mentioned in another thread that The Perfect Master seems to be posting a lot more as of late.

Unfortunately he never responded to my allegations that he was really the Ultimate Vampire Master, but I suppose if I were the UVM, I wouldn’t admit it either. :wink:

You do know what happens to people who talk about the Ultimate Vampire Master, don’t you, Meatros?

smiles eerily at Meatros, revealing sharp fangs


I like Slug’s work. He’s one of my favorite charicaturists. More than Hirschfeld.

3 Strange Days. Good song. Really.

::off to check out those posts::

@#$@#%@% smilie…

Back demon!!

Don’t worry about me, my house is covered in garlic, crosses, and stars of david (for the jewish vampires of course).